!! Revision Control System

! For Windows systems

You must install a command line version of RCS.  An easy way to get a lot of Unix commands, is by installing the [Cygwin|http://www.cygwin.com] package.

! For Unix systems

First check if you have RCS available:

 which ci

If no ci binary is available, you don't have RCS.  For Unix systems get the source from a GNU mirror in /pub/gnu/rcs, and install it in the normal fashion with "tar xvzf ...; cd rcs...; ./configure; make; make install".

- With Gentoo just use 'emerge rcs'. -- [Jogi]

* Q - ''I seem to have version control abilities with the UseMod Engine even through I get no ci binary when I try which ci.  Is this possible?  How?  e.g. [http://undertheoak.net/cgi-bin/wiki?action=history&id=UnderTheOak]  Will I get RCS with JSPWiki then? '' -- MatthewSimpson

* A - ''When I tried jspwiki.pageProvider = RCSFileProvider it didn't work, even though the cgi-based wiki engine seems to be able to handle revisions.  VersioningFileProvider works.'' -- MatthewSimpson  ''Which version of Unix did you try this on?  Don't try this on Windows unless you are a masochist.  I've had very good success with the VersioningFileProvider on Windows (I assume Unix would be identical).''  --MichaelGentry  ''It is Red Hat Linux release 7.1'' -- MatthewSimpson

- I installed JSPWiki under Gentoo Linux 2004.4. I emerged rcs, but the RCSFileProvider does not work. The FileSystemProvider and the VersioningFileProvider are working fine. -- [Jogi]

Notably Solaris 8 ship without RCS (_AND_ it ships without a C compiler).