In getPageInfo of RCSFileProvider:


With a longer rlog result, the break clause in the last "else if" breaks out of the reading loop before all the lines in the full rlog have been read in. This causes the process.wait() to hang.

Suggested quick fix:

Always read all the contents of the rlog, even if it is slower.

This is probably because the process.waitFor() expects that all of the standard output has been read. I'm including an Unit test for the next CVS version (1.6.11), please run "ant tests" and let me know if it (and an included fix) works for you.


Also, it seems that at least with Linux, RCS cannot handle more than 3,400 or so changes for a file. You probably need to clear things up at that point.

Seems to be fixed in 1.6.11-beta.

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