This Template is based on the BrushedTemplate 2.4.x.
It was developed as a toolkit for agile collaborative requirements engineering as part of my diploma thesis. The goal was to develop a toolkit as a plug-in (template) without modifying the JSPWiki engine.

The Template was tested with JRE 1.5.0, Tomcat 5.5.17, JSPWiki 2.4.53

For comments please use the RETemplateDiscussion

Installation Instructions#

  1. Download the Unzip this file to /templates/re.
  2. Download REWiki.jar and xercesImpl.jar(from, Version 2.8.1 and upper) , and copy these files to directory WEB-INF\lib
  3. Edit the following entries in the /WEB-INF/
    jspwiki.templateDir = re and jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = reWiki.plugins
  4. Restart JSPWiki.
  5. You need to create 3 groups: "admin", "developer" and "stakeholder".
  6. If you want to use the FCKEditor, download the Version 2.3.1 and copy this into: \scripts\fckeditor
    (It is impossible to use Plugins in FCKEditor)
  7. To use the example pages download the and unzip this in your pageDir. Make sure you back up your files first. (A part of the example pages are in German language)


  • JSP-Maping & self-defined page types. You can define new page types and assign your JSP-files for the representation and workflow implementation of this new types.
  • Requirements specification and validation. The template allow to create and use templates for requirements specification and validation. (see Screenshot01.jpg).
  • New comment functionality. Its allow you to make subcomments. (see Screenshot02.jpg) The comments are saved in separate files as tree.
  • Requirements analysis. Some page type with workflow implementation for requirements analysis. (Cost estimation, value estimation, cost/value analysis).
  • Plugins. Some new plugins for access on the RE Framework.
  • Requirements lifecycle and several further features...

Thank to the Dirk Frederickx for allowing me to use the BrushedTemplate-.

will this work with jspwiki 2.8.2?

--ziggy, 12-Jul-2009 04:31

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