JSPWiki is able to output a RichSiteSummary feed, describing all of the recent changes to the site using a XML-based format known as RSS. We support RSS 1.0, which is a RDF variant.

Of course, we have been validated: http://feeds.archive.org/validator/check?url=http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/rss.rdf.

The RSS file is regenerated every 3600 seconds.

The address of the JSPWiki RSS feed is:


You may also access it by clicking the XML icon on the left side menu, or here.

For example, you can go an install this now in your Mozilla by going to http://www.theonering.net/staff/corvar/cgi-bin/sidebar-inst.pl.

It'll look ugly, but it works. Update: Apparently it does not work - it has not been updated in a while and it seems to break down with several RSS feeds. You are encouraged to use other RSS aggregators. --JanneJalkanen, 03-Jun-2003.

There's always the sage plugin for Mozilla (and FireFox), which works great and reads RSS (2.0, 1.0, 0.9x) and ATOM feeds. --FrancisGodawski, 26-Aug-2004.

Quick hacks#

I wrote a small JSP page which looks directly in the repository and creates a small list. Great for <jsp:include>, but not very well tested. ThorbjoernRavnAndersen


Bridging the worlds of NNTP clients and RSS feeds, nntp//rss is an application that will enable you to use your existing favorite NNTP newsreader to read your information channels.

How to use:

On your client PC :

  1. launch the jar
  2. add new channels to watch, by pointing your browser to
  3. in your nntp client,
    1. add as a newsgroup server.
    2. suscribe to group

You can make a nntp server of your JSPWiki server the same way.

Questions and Answers#

Q: What are the two XML icons?

A: The upper one is a direct link to the RSS feed. The lower one allows you to directly subscribe to the RSS feed simply by clicking on it, but ONLY if you're running Radio Userland, which is one of the "progenitors" of RSS, XML-RPC, and some other kewl stuff.

So if you click on the lower one and you're not running Radio, you may get an alert that says "The connection was refused when attempting to contact" Don't worry - that's how it's supposed to be.

Q: How do I remove the Radio Userland icon? In our wiki, it is a broken link that starts out like so:

A: It's not broken if you use Userland. In fact, it has been removed in the current CVS release. You can remove the icon easily by deleting the

from ViewTemplate.jsp. The line to delete may also read:
<wiki:RSSUserlandLink title="Aggregate the RSS feed in Radio Userland!" />

Q: How many items are included in the xml file? Is there any way to control this number?

A: The RSS feed includes the 15 latest changes. Unfortunately, there is no way to change it at the moment (other than changing RSSGenerator.java and recompiling).

Q: I have installed JSPWiki on my computer and System and WikiVariables keep showing up in the RSS feed, probably because the uptime changes. Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks.


A: No, they should not be shown in the RSS feed, since the pages themselves do not change. The uptime is dynamically inserted when the page is rendered. Check that nobody else is changing the pages outside JSPWiki.

-- JanneJalkanen

Q: How difficult would it be to support RSS feeds at the page level? Can the Plugin system support this change? Thanks.

--Mel Riffe

A: Very easy, in fact. The enclosed rss.jsp already does this (albeit for weblog pages only). It just would need a bit of a tweak. I'd love to get a contribution for this.

-- JanneJalkanen

RSS per page/group/category would be really useful. I could try to help... where should I start? --Adler

Q: Is there any possible way to classify the RSS feeds based on the topics from the JSPWiki??


A: AnswerMe

Q: My RSS feed isn't working, I've already checked the common things like BaseURL and properties. Could it be that it is because of my security policy, which needs the user to be authenticated to do anything?


A: The global RSS feed won't show any pages that an anonymous user does not have access to. Page-specific feeds use the current HTTP request to determine the credentials.


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