This page describes the motivation for this wiki. Use it as a guide for creating pages and interpreting content.

In the course my life, I've encountered problems and had questions that have needed to be solved and answered. As I progress through the stages of my life, these answers and lessons become more implicit and instinctual. So much so that I no longer relate to the person that went through those other stages. I no longer relate to others going through the same stage of particular, those significantly younger than I.

No, this is not really a problem for me. But I do wish to be able to share my lessons and wisdom with my children. I only wish I could have started this sooner.

Welllllll, no. The real motivation for this Wiki's existence is known only to Janne, not to the Leong's. But it's current purpose is to discuss the ongoing creation of this Wiki's underlying engine, JSPWiki, and sometimes Java coding and what have you. While we would invite you to set up a Wiki of your own for the edification of your and other's children, using this wiki to do so is Wiki Squatting, pure and simple, and thus your pages of hard won insight will likely get wiped out at some random date. MahlenMorris

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