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. . . as seen on Matt Raible's wiki.

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Very nice: The edit text area is as wide as the browser window allows and there are buttons to make it taller or lower. Sweet! MichaelSchubart It's very usefull the show/hide menu trik Guigar

It would be great to have different bullets for each indentation level (one icon for "*", other for "**"...). Is it possible? Guigar

I had to change a line in the PreviewContent.jsp in order to save without a conflict or error

<input type="hidden" name="edittime" 
value="<%= Long.parseLong(request.getParameter("edittime")) %>" /> 

Another Update:
Very nice template! I didn't need to change the edittime field, but I did need to change the "text" field from a hidden textbox to a hidden textarea in PreviewContent.jsp. The original "text" field had problems with some characters which would cause parts of the page to not display correctly. JeffSheets

   <textarea rows="4" cols="20" readonly="true" style="display:none" name="text"><%=pageContext.getAttribute("usertext", PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE) %>


Hi all,

I'm trying to use this template... Looks really sharp.

But after installing it, I can't edit any of my pages! I get the following error page:

JSPWiki has detected an error

Error Message
    No parameter text set!
Place where detected
    org.apache.jsp.Edit_jsp._jspService(), line 191 


I tried blindly the changes suggested here but they didn't work.

Can anyone help?
Please contact me @


--[mcq1|], 09-Jan-2007

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