Sometimes a page grows too long, or otherwise too unwieldy to handle. If you encounter such a page here on JSPWiki, please link from that page to this page, and someone will then go and refactor that page. (The problem is, that e.g. WikiGardener doesn't want to be refactored, it just mentions this page to clarify its usage. :-)

Pages currently in need of refactoring.#

Advanced Editing Showcase,Allowing Raw HTML,Authenticator,Container Managed Security Discussion,Getting RSS To Work,Idea Management,Ideas,Inline Image Links,Installing JSP Wiki,JSP Wiki File Attachments,JSP Wiki List Of Features,JSP Wiki Support,JSP Wiki V 2 Features,Page Deletion,Page Tags,UTF 8 Issues,Visions,WYSIWYG Discussion 2006,Wiki Attachments,Wiki Gardener,Wiki Variables


Why not add something to the RefactoringPagesPlugin so that certain pages are not included? (Shaun McDonald 2005-03-08)

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