Lists all pages that refer to undefined pages. An undefined page is a page that is referred by a page, but not yet created. The UndefinedPagesPlugin lists all undefined pages while this plugin lists the pages that refer to those undefined pages.


The usage is the same as UndefinedPagesPlugin.


The source code was compiled against JSPWiki v2.2.33.


Thanks for providing this, and please do let it be included in the main distribution! The functionality is highly desirable, more useful in fact than the UndefinedPagesPlugin itself (which is ok of course). By the way, at the moment (putting the jar file into JSPWiki\WEB-INF\lib) the plugin has to be called like:

[{com.kadawoo.jspwiki.plugin.ReferringUndefinedPagesPlugin max=400 before='#' after='\n'}]

The namespace may perhaps change in the future if the plugin can be included into the main distribution. -- Gregor Hagedorn

I have some trouble remembering the chosen name for the plugin and would consider UndefinedPagesReferringPages more intuitive. It is combining the existing terms: The plugin list referring pages for each undefined page.

As it is the plugin is already very useful. However, an even better functionality as a quality control tool would be to list the referring pages for each undefined page, or reversely the undefined pages for each referring page. The latter is even more practical, but the first is ok if the latter is too difficult to write.

-- Gregor Hagedorn

Guys - any objection if I include this in JSPWiki stock distro and put it under LGPL? -- JanneJalkanen

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