While trying to put some categories into our internal wiki, I found that occasionally we wanted to put in a reference to a page that did not show up in the [[{ReferringPagesPlugin}] plugin.

Here's how I figured out how to do it.

Add the following two lines to jspwiki.properties, and restart your server.

#Link to a page in the current wiki without showing up as a reference
jspwiki.interWikiRef.This = Wiki.jsp?page=%s

Then in those places that you do not want the link to show up in the [[{ReferringPagesPlugin}],
code the link in this way:

I find this useful to refer to [[WikiCategory] without the page being considered a category.


In case the link name is the same as what we want to display in the page, it would be nice to use it like [[|This:pageName]