I just started working with JSPWiki about two weeks ago (Nov 2004). Right know, I try to understand the concepts that drive this wiki (JSP, Servlets, etc.).

My main personal interest in using JSPWiki is to attempt to replace various PIMs and similar tools that I use (InfoSelect, MindManager, TheBrain, Lotus Organizer, etc) by one integrated solution.

My main professional interests are

  • to find ways to show small and medium sized companies how they can facilitate their internal communications by wiki and weblog based technologies,
  • to find ways to use wiki and weblog based technologies in the context of KM (knowledge management, knowledge organization, topic maps, semantic web, information design, visualizing knowledge etc.)

My preferred tools are: Eclipse, Java and Python.

I'm living in Cologne, Germany, and can be reached under nc-engelre (at) netcologne dot de.

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