In JSPWiki 2.6, the MarkupParser.ALLOWED_CHARS has been extended to


This means that yes, spaces are allowed, as well as most other useful punctuation characters. If there are others which you might think are useful, please discuss below.

If a page is not found (e.g. when searching for [This is a new page], we'll do an old-style cleanup and check if the CamelCase version (ThisIsANewPage) exists in the repository. But new pages will be created with spaces.

It is not yet clear how case-sensitivity should be handled, nor multi-spaces.



I'm currently using wiki page names as identifiers (both in the backend provider and in a variety of places), in particular, they must be XML Names. Including markup characters like the ampersand or single quote, or spaces, will entirely break my backend provider. If there's a way to turn off this feature there's absolutely no way I won't be turning it off, i.e., it completely breaks my system. I would much prefer if wiki page names conformed to XML Names. It's an enormous namespace but they're still safe to be used as identifiers.

-- MurrayAltheim

In order to make it useful to the general user, we simply have to allow spaces in WikiNames. I'm receiving more and more complaints from users that words look funny. This is especially true for languages which highly rely on compound words, such as German and Finnish.

Note that much like, say, Chinese characters, you don't have to use spaces in your page names. So nothing existing breaks.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Feb-2007

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