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One of the usual questions I get is "what is the JSPWiki roadmap" and when do I get feature X. Well, as with most open source software, JSPWiki is mostly developed on the spare time of a bunch of key individuals, and as such it is really hard to commit to any sort of schedules. But here is my current thinking on the JSPWiki road map into the future:


JSPWiki 2.4, as currently in CVS, concentrates on page-level security and a new rendering engine. We are also throwing in a new default template, which got added just recently. This is getting ready for an alpha release - the only thing that is really missing is documentation (and some effort from me to actually make the release). Then again, maybe nobody expects any documentation from an alpha...


The next big thing to tackle is proper i18n - internationalization. JSPWiki has been going too long relying on the fact that everybody speaks bad English. We need proper localization support for plugins, templates, and the core functionality.


The next major release will include a completely reworked provider interface, proper transactions, proper metadata, and more. It's one of the oldest components of JSPWiki, and it shows. We need a complete overhaul of this system - but it's going to break a bunch of stuff and APIs, so it's not a move to be made lightly.

There are then a bunch of other technologies that will appear in whatever release we feel they're mature by, such as the Editor Provider Interface, searching enhancements, etc.

Ripped from http://blog.jspwiki.org/wiki/Main_blogentry_141105_1 because it should be on here somewhere.

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