I am currently employed as a z/OS Systems Programmer at Sirius Computer Solutions

As far as I know I am the first to install JSPWiki on IBM's flagship operating system z/OS (the only other person I am aware of is Harry Metske). I simply built on the work already completed by the the folks at Dovetail and followed their instructions for installed Tomcat on z/OS.

Here is a list of the what is involved in running JSPWiki on z/OS:

Plugins that I find useful#

Many thanks to the plugin contributors. The ones that I find most useful are:

Things I didn't know when I started#

I can safely say that I was only somewhat familar with things like CSS when I started. Many trips out to the W3C

documentation were made until things started to make sense.

Didn't understand the nice way to manage pictures on a wiki until I went to Pic

Also, many thanks to Suzanne Hanners at http://www.takenotice.com for style page discussions that help shine a light on some very dim areas in my mind.

How To Install on z/OS#

I completed a "How To" and used the PDF Plugin to produce the document http://www.dovetail.com/docs/JSPWikiInstallForZOS.pdf

Plugins I am watching#

My Latest Adventure#

I want to upgrade to the current stable release which has all the new features and the security I am looking for.

I think there should be an easier way to do this.. but I am left wading through all sorts of documentation. Some of which is helpful.. some of which requires a very careful reading.

Problem 1#

The page ChecklistForContainerManagedAuthentication was probably the most helpful. But since I hadn't configured Tomcat for SSL. I am using the IBM JVM 1.4.2 which introduces some additional fun for SSL.

What I learned...

  1. Careful when updating the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml in UltraEdit.. since the files are stored in ASCII not EBCDIC, the FTP binary marks the files as binary on the Unix side and Tomcat does not like a binary tagged file for the server.xml.
  2. IBM's JVM 1.4.2 comes with the JSSE support in it. But I needed to export a new variable. export JSSE_HOME="${JAVA_HOME}"/lib/ext
  3. The $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml for the SSL configuration needed the following alterations to work properly with the IBM JVM.
  • sslProtocol="SSL" has to be set
  • algorithm="IbmX509" has to be set
  • just accept that these to settings must be different to get everything working.
  1. In the Tomcat documentation, there is a section that indicates how to setup the needed .keystore for the SSL. Just read all the sections very carefully.. in the one example the .keystore will endup in your $HOME directory instead of where it is needed (which is in the $TOMCAT_HOME directory).
  2. Additionally, I had a lot of problems getting the debug levels set to deliver meaningful messages. The installation of the new version of JSPWiki works fine and the JAAS security too.. but there is no error message to indicate that SSL is not active. So the page will just not be displayed. ... there is also the TLS v.s. SSL setting that returns no error message .. so you just have to guess.

Things I am thinking about#

I thought I saw a discussion concerning propagating/replicating wiki pages. When I am working at a customer site, "net access" is not always available. So it would be good to be able to update the wiki running on my laptop... then when I am able to connect to push the updates to the central-wiki. Also, to get updates from the central-wiki.

possible bug but I haven't reported it.. #

Maybe this is something I am missing.. but when I move the wiki pages in between platforms.. unix to windows.. it appears that the search capability gets disabled or is somehow defeated.

Also, IE (probably a long list of IE problems) the pageup-pagedown/arrow keys do not work when a wiki page is selected. I must click outside the page display frame in order to perform scrolling.

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