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Run a couple of JSPWiki's, the main one being http://tarasis.net/STWiki/ which is really for people who are members of the Straight Talking mailing list which is hosted on Yahoo Groups.

Just set up a new server and move my old wiki's from Apache 1.3, Tomcat 3.3.1, JSPWiki 2.0.36 to Apache 2.0.49, Tomcat 5.0.19 and JSPWiki 2.1.98-cvs. Its mostly gone smoothly but I had a couple of problems with. This is running on WinXP

  • I can't use CamelCase with my existing pages, it causes JSPWiki to barf. I have left a bug report on Release2.2Discussion
  • I had to loose my RCS page history. When I save mods to existing pages the modification date was when it was last modified. For new pages, the modification dates where correctly reflected as I made changes. I tried resetting the file permissions via cygwin to rwxrw-rw- but it didn't help.

Welcome, Robert! Always glad to see people who use JSPWiki :-).


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