Love at first sight#

Italian computer lover :-) I "falled in love" with computers and programmind in 1974 when I met with an Olivetti P652.

Many years passed but "i can't forget my first love" with it's 2k ram (yes: exactly 2048 bytes!!!), strange little numeric keyboard (with few letters on it) and its noise maker printer.

First works:#

  • on Apple Machintosh in 1982,
  • on Olivetti P6040 (basic, alphanumeric keyboard and led display)
  • on Apple /// in 1983 (I owned one of the five sold in the world, I suppose)
  • on Apple // in 1984
then "the change": I was employed in a company who had an IBM S/370 and I started to "make all needed" to bring pc (IBM pc, of course) to colleagues. I received the machines, unpacked them, upgraded them (with memory chips, serial cards to make local networks), installed D.O.S. and first "'office programs'" on it; sometimes also carrying them to the colleague. In those years I (really) put my hands on
  • IBM PC
  • IBM XT
  • IBM AT
  • IBM AT/370
  • Olivetti M28
all using Microsoft DOS and programmed in Basic.

Some years as teacher for Lotus 1-2-3, VS3 / VS4 (Videoscrittura IBM) and finally the promotion to "Analist & programmer" (what I wanted since the beginning).


main interest is in Java language and, in particular, applications that interact with mainframe:
  • the java-based intranet I setted up for my company, with a proprietary host-based security (authentication & authorization) system developed in '70 (with punchcards)
  • an application to print documents chosing from a centralized template repository completed with data from mainframe DB2 archives. This substitutes all preprinter modules on many files (real files, not digital ones!!!)
  • every other web application my company needs (yes: I'm stell here)

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