Hi, I am a software developer who once worked for one of the big ones in Germany! I am currently working on an open source project http://www.managedimages.org. I used JSPWiki and the nexb template to create my website. It took me literally one day, and now I am up and running. This is really cool stuff!

Link to my personal website: http://www.rolf.mueller.name

2006-05-29 correction of the WeblogPlugin behaviour#

Others might have the same problem I encountered with the WeblogPlugin. The creation date is getting determined by the change date of the file from the file system. As long as you keep the files where they are, no problem.

The way how I set up my infrastructure is, that I keep all my files (including the files in the tomcat webapps folder!) in a SVN repository. Then I check these files out on the webserver. I usually maintain my website from my intranet, submit the changes, and the webserver get's them automatically by updating the svn folder.

This poses a problem with the WeblogPlugin; as soon as you move your directory by checking out to a new directory or or even migrate to a new server, the WeblogPlugin just shows you the date created from the file system, which is not equal to the date when the pages have been created.

I have temporarily solved this problem by parsing the filename instead of retrieving the date from the page properties. Affected are WeblogPlugin.java and WeblogArchivePlugin.java, which I have attached here.

I'd suggest that the correct solution would be to add a new attribute to the Page object, which determines the creation date. This could be for instance stored in the *.properties files, when using the AbstractFileProvider. Once this attribute is available in the Page object, the WeblogPlugin and the WeblogArchivePlugin should add a parameter, wher you can decide to either use the creation date from the file system or the real creation date.

How to apply this fix:
Just download the source of JSPWiki, unzip it, replace WeblogPlugin.java and WeblogArchivePlugin.java with the ones attached here, and then rebuild JSPWiki.

I have it runing on my own website (http://www.rolf.mueller.name/rm/Wiki.jsp?page=EnMyBlog), and it (seems) to be working now.

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