Markup for non-breakable spaces#

From time to time (to be honest: surprisingly often) I need to insert one or more blanks here and there in order to fine-tune a given layout. With the JSPWiki markup in mind, the "natural" way to do so appears to be

  {{ }}
Unfortunately, however, JSPWiki does not care about the blanks between the curly brackets and the shown approach fails.

The question arises if it would be possible to change JSPWiki in a way that, within double curly brackets, all blanks (or every other, at least) would be automatically converted into "non-breakable spaces". This would avoid having to type the counter-intuitive   instead.

Something I'd like is the ability to configure an alias list. An alias would be a question mark followed by an alphanumeric sequence. The sequence would end at the first non-alphanumeric character. This might enable you to define an alias for space as SP =   and within the wiki page if you wanted two spaces, you'd type: ?SP?SP. Just a thought --RobSeegel

Andreas Rozek (EMail: Andreas.Rozek@GMX.De)

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