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I'm using v1.8.2 on Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Tomcat connected to Apache with a JK2 connector)

Is there any way I can create HTTP links that resolve to the same server without hard-coding the servers IP address or fully qualified name?

If my server is named "" and (via JK2) "" is my JSP wiki site. Now this server is also running Bugzilla at "" and Mailman at "". So I want to create links from the JSP wiki site to these I use:

Go to [Bugzilla|] \\
Go to [Mailman|]

The problem (as I see it) is that the server name is hard coded and won't float with the Wiki installation. I'd really like to use relative links or a variable that includes the server name. Thoughts/ideas? Have I missed a rather obvious way to do this? Tim Halloran

Hmmm, After a bit more investigation there are actually two legal relative references:

<a href="/myfile.html">The type I talked about above</a>
<a href="//">protocol relative</a>

The first is what I'm after, the second allows a link to "carry" the type of connection (secure or unsecure) through the link. Tim Halloran

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