I'm Apache Jakarta committer, working mostly in the Jetspeed project. I can be reached as sgala AT apache.org ;-)

I'm trying to setup a JSPWiki for use in several professional and personal projects.

I'm modifying the templates so that the layout is "tablefree", using css positioning for navigation menus.

So far results are promising. I'm getting into it without having to touch the java code, just playing with the templates.

Let me know how you proceed. I'm working slowly toward a similar goal, and would appreciate a css'ers view. --ebu
First, I'm not really a css'er. I'm just learning. The key is to substitute table cells by <div class="name"> markup, or just <XXX class=name> if it is just one element. Then the css can position the blocks. I took out the tables from the .jsp pages and substituted them by divs. I'm still hacking though it. --SantiagoGala
Could you contribute the layout to the JSPWiki project once you get it going? I'd love to have a CSS-only template... --JanneJalkanen

I'm moving to the TableFreeMarkup to keep discussion from being personal ;-)

You'll notice that I abuse parenthesis in my writing (not always, but I'm currently doing it Pic/smile.png ). This is due to having programmed a lot of lisp when I was younger. Some people says this spoiled my mind forever.

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