The "Search" plugin allows you to access the JSPWiki search routines and show the displays in an array on your page.


  • query = String. A standard JSPWiki search query.
  • max = Integer. How many search results are shown at maximum.
  • set = String. The JSPWiki context variable that will hold the results of the query. This allows you to pass your queries to other plugins on the same page as well.


[{Search query='*'}]

might produce a result somewhat like this:

Outline Plugin100
Wiki Content To HTML Plugin67
JS Plugin51
CVS View Plugin_page51
Color Code Plugin_page36
Forum Plugin 1.034
Plugin inconsistencies25
Plugin Idea24
If Plugin24
Wiki Plugin23
Plugin Tag22
Groups Plugin22
Color Code Plugin21
FAQ Forum Plugin21
Hit Count Plugin21
Link Plugin21
FAQ Vote Plugin21
Search Plugin21
Scripted Plugin21
Idea Image Map Plugin20
Say Hello Plugin20
Math Plugin20
Hello World Plugin20
Insert Plugin20
Throw Exception Plugin20
Jira Plugin20
Latex Plugin20
Quotation Plugin20
Wiki Whiteboard Plugin20
Wiki Convertor Plugin20
Show Parameters Plugin20
Nbsp Plugin20
Fortune Cookie Plugin20
Redirect Plugin20
Weather Plugin20
Whats New Plugin20
Text File Plugin20
Denounce Plugin20
Insert Version Plugin20
Chat Plugin20
Latex Plugin Documentation Bibliography19
Weblog Calendar Plugin19
Undefined Pages Plugin19
My Applet Plugin19
Iterator Plugin19
OSM Plugin19
XSLT Plugin19
Groovy Plugin19
Pop 3 Plugin19
Transclude Plugin19
Weblog Archive Plugin19
Latex Plugin Installation19
Concept Plugin19
Excel To HTML Plugin19
Svg Chart Plugin19
Brushed Conditional Plugin19
Comment Plugin19
Tooltip Plugin19
Applet Plugin19
Flash Plugin19
Transclude Plugin Discussion19
Hit Counter Plugin19
Daily Comic Plugin19
Namespace Plugin19
Pic Show Plugin19
Work Flow Plugin19
Image Plugin With Thumbnails19
Excel Viewer Plugin19
Plugin Development19
Sessions Plugin19
HTTP Header Plugin19
Email Notifier Plugin19
Menu Tree Plugin19
Idea Freemind Plugin19
Namespace Index Plugin19
Daily Changes Plugin19
Google Maps Plugin19
Contribution Drawer Plugin19
Plugin Test19
Image Map Plugin19
Dobrosi Plugin19
Media Player Plugin19
Vote Plugin19
Recent Changes Plugin19
Visualizer Plugin19
Wiki Forms Plugin19
S 5 Plugin19
Latex Plugin Documentation Cite19
Table Of Contents Plugin19
Img Plugin19
Initializable Plugin18
Calendar List Plugin18
Referred Pages Plugin18
Free Mind Plugin18
Slide Show Plugin18
Graph Viz Plugin18
Weblog Category Plugin18
Drawing Plugin18
Maths Plugin18
Ticker Plugin18
XSLT Plugin Chrooted18

The Search plugin is part of the JSPWikiCorePlugins

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