I'm a german software developer and use JspWiki for my private homepage at [http://www.sorokan.de].

I developed a few Plugins for JspWiki:

* [MathPlugin|http://jsp.sorokan.de:8080/web28/Wiki.jsp?page=MathPlugin_en]
* [AppletPlugin|http://jsp.sorokan.de:8080/web28/Wiki.jsp?page=AppletPlugin]
* [Text2GifPlugin|http://jsp.sorokan.de:8080/web28/Wiki.jsp?page=Text2GifPlugin]
* [ImageMapPlugin|http://jsp.sorokan.de:8080/web28/Wiki.jsp?page=ImageMapPlugin]

JspWiki is a very nice thing - and it screams for some enhancements, that's the best part of it ;-) 

If my girl friend allows it, I may continue developing additional parts.