I would like to send an email to a wiki.

Suppose it would be possible that the wiki servlet is able to receive an email:

  1. it should make a new wiki page out of it
  2. it should place a link on each page that correspond to a keyword (or regex) found in the subject

-- 29.01.2004 rsc

I would like to support this requirement. I have a P900 phone...it would therefor also be nice when photo atachements are shown to.....

So i can publish using e-mail! great!

I've been playing with this idea for years, but never really made a stable version for it. I've written some classes that take transfer an email and add it to a VQWiki. The last weeks I did a few things with Apache James. So I guess I could combine these. When I have a bit time, I'll try to make a mailet that adds (of appends) emails to a JSPWiki. I'll keep you informed.


This would be a really useful feature. we are looking at using the Wiki as a knowledge base for our projects, much better than endless word doc. But our projects are really busy( aren't they all) so I'd never get permission form the management to allow the developers to "create web pages/edit site content" while doing a project. Whereas emailing the Wiki with a snippet of knowledge would be dead easy to sell. I must say I am thinking of quite a sophisicated idea though, that will allow us to update the wiki by email aswell. My thoughts are very embroyonic though

Nigel Stirzaker

I second that, this would be a great feature. An e-mail "listener" that could be added to a mailing list to record the traffic and generate an automatic archive integrated with the wiki would be very useful. We are trying to simulate that using the weblog plugin with the RSS feed but it is just not the same thing.

A little off-topic, but what would it take to create a command-line program to add/create wiki pages from a script? This could be useful to run from automated tasks like builds, commit "hooks", etc.

I'm already doing email-to-weblog through the MetaWeblogAPI, which is (partly) implemented and supported on JSPWiki. This isn't probably what you want for wiki pages, though...

I'm working on an AtomAPI implementation; that should allow a bit more power at handling wikis.

-- JanneJalkanen

The first experiments with WikiMailet look promising. See also EmailInput.

-- GeertVanDamme

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