This provider itentionally offers a very simple attachment logic, without history or authorship tracking.

!What is this useful for?

Assume the information of that wiki is related to something else, say a software project. Then, that wiki content undergoes the same release management than the project it describes, including branching etc.\\
If the wiki content is assembled of simple files, you can easily manage it trough the version control system you are using for your software project anyhow: CVS, PCVS, SourceSafe and so on.\\
This automatically gives you also history tracking, diff etc., altough not automatically integrated into JSPWiki (altough a few simple Plugins should do the Job).\\
This is theoretically possible with the BasicAttachmentProvider too, but this class is not aware of the CVS subdirectories in the attachment dir. Also the complicated directory structure makes a {{cvs update}} a bit complicated.
* Drop the attached jar file into the {{WEB-INF/lib}} directory
* Set the attachment provider to {{jspwiki.attachmentProvider = com.orderix.jspwiki.providers.SimpleAttachmentProvider}}
* add the key {{jspwiki.simpleAttachmentProvider.storageDir = c:/tmp}}
!System Setup for CVS backed usage
* Use the FileSystemProvider together with this new AttachmentProvider. Assign a storage dir in the
* checkout your data from cvs
* modify the data trough JSPWiki
* in the file and attachment dir, do a {{cvs update}} in order to to update the local copy from the central repository and see local changes. Then you may commit them to the central repository using {{cvs commit}}. In this step you may have to resolve conflicts.

! Files
All files (java, class, docu.txt) are in the attached jar file.