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Last Update#


  • Adapted from the I18NTemplate by OlafK
  • All messages were translated into Chinese.
  • A blue sky and cloud background
  • User who login has advanced-options menu



Please visit the sandbox site, to see how to work and test it by yourself.

Installation Instruction#

Prerequest: Install the i18n taglib from jakarta-project (
  1. Download the taglib from the
  2. Copy the file, taglibs-i18n.jar into <Your wiki directory>\WEB-INF\lib\
  3. Copy the taglibs-i18n.tld to <Your wiki directory>\WEB-INF\
  4. Edit <Your wiki directory>\WEB-INF\web.xml' and add the following lines to the body of the '<web-app>'-Tag:
  1. Download the zip package(info)
  2. Copy the files into the correct directories:
    1. copy three files in wiki\images into <Your wiki directory>\images, the same place with the files, attachment_small.png ..etc.
    2. create a new fold named 'skywalker' in <Your wiki directory>\templates
    3. copy the whole directory, wiki\templates\skywalker, into <Your wiki directory>\templates\skywalker
    4. copy the two files in wiki\WEB-INF\classes\i18n, into <Your wiki directory>\WEB-INF\classes\i18n
  3. Modify your jspwiki.templateDir = skywalker
  4. Done!


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