Development of this template has stopped, please check SmallpieceTemplate2 instead

This is a clean and lightweight table-free template, completely css based.

It's still under development so there could be some errors. Please have a look at the template home page for more information like version history



Other infos#

I haven't a windows pc at home so I will not be able to test it on windows browser until the 16th of August.
Very nice, I like this one.
Only printing doesn't work for me now. I attached the jspwiki_print.css file that works for me.

-- KeesKuip

The download links are broken, could someone please provide a download?

-- Martin

Seems the guy moved to DocuWiki ( Pity, the template is very nice.

-- Il-Mazozz

I m getting back to JSPWiki and developing a completely new template. It's getting really nice! I think it will be finished in a couple of week

-- Smallpiece

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