! About SmallpieceTemplate for JSPWiki 2.3.xx

I've published a prerelease version of Smallpiece Template for JSPWiki 2.3.xx. I will not publish it here until it will be quite stable and complete. If you want give it a try just go to the [template page|http://wiki.smallpiece.info/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SmallpieceTemplateForJspwiki2.3]on my [wiki|http://wiki.smallpiece.info/]. Please leave there your feedback in order to corret bugs and problems as soon as possible.

[AlessandroMelandri|http://wiki.smallpiece.info/] (15/01/2006)


This is a new version of the [Smallpiece Template]. I went back to JSPWiki after a few months using Dokuwiki but unfortunately I lost the previous template code in an hard disk crash so I started developing a new template.

This template will be completely based on css. It's currently under construction so the code is incomplete and quite dirty.
There are still a lot of tables used for layout but I'm working on them. (In version 0.5 all tables should be gone)

You can try it without any risk. Just remember that it has only been tested with Firefox 1.5 and I khown there are some cosmetic problems with IE.

You can download it from this page or from the [template page|http://www.smallpiece.info:8080/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SmallpieceTemplate] on my [wiki|http://wiki.smallpiece.info].

__This template is released under a LGPL License.__




!!! Installation instructions

* Download the template zip archive and unzip it. You may find a folder called _MACOSX, please ignore it. The template is inside the ''smallpiece'' folder.
* Copy the folder inside the template folder of your wiki installation
* Edit the ''jspwiki.properties'' file inside the WEB-INF folder and modify the ''jspwiki.templateDir''

!!! Changes log

!! v. 0.7.2 (02-01-2006)

* Corrected bugs related to the checkSearchField javascript function (thanks to AndyW)
* Corrected a css error on the edit page title
* Now the template __validates as XHTML 1.0 transitional__. (thanks to AndyW)

!! v. 0.7.1 (16-12-2005)

* Changed submit button style
* Changed h3 style
* Some css cleanup

This is only a maintenance update. Inside the package you'll find a readme file with my email address: use it to send your comments and feedback.

!! v. 0.7 (5-12-2005)

This a very special release because I've added a javascript __button tollbar__ on the edit page with shortcuts to the most used formatting elements.

\\This toolbar is based on [Alex King|http://www.alexking.org]'s [JS QuickTags|http://www.alexking.org/index.php?content=software/javascript/content.php] and starting with this release, SmallpieceTemplate is released under a LGPL license.

The toolbar has 13 buttons: header1, header2, header3, bold, italic, link, link to a page, link to external page, insert image, monospaced font, code, line break and horizontal ruler.

H1             !!! selected text

H2             !! selected text

H3             ! selected text

B              __selected text__

I              ''selected text''

Link           [selected text]               will popup a javascript window

Link to page   [selected text|Link]          will popup a javascript window

Ext. Link      [selected text|http://link]   will popup a javascript window

Img            []                            will popup a javascript window

Mono           {{selected text}}


HR             ----

BR             \\

Please give me your feedback in order to improve the toolbar and correct bugs.

In addition, there are also some css changes

* Changed the left menu background to a very light yellow.
* Corrected the menu header background
* Added an orange bullet for lists in the page body
* Changed the commentbox style
* Changed input element style
* Changed the textarea style
* Changed style for h2 and pageactions
* Changed style for inline images

!! v. 0.6 (01-12-2005)

* __Replaced divs with tables until I'll resolve css problems with Internet Explorer__
*__Tested the template with Internet Explorer 6__
* Added a left menu header
* Changed default logo
* Changed wiki name color in the header
* Various css cleaning and optimizations

!! v. 0.5 (29-11-2005)

* __Now the layout is completely css driven__ (not tested on IE)
* Corrected headers margin
* Removed class names written in Italian

''If you get a screwed up page layout, please reload the page because the css may not be properly loaded.''

__Important notice (30-11-2005)__ There's a layout problem on the edit page if you use IE.

!! v. 0.4 (29-11-2005)

* __Added the Pagefooter.jsp page__ (now you can have a common footer for all pages)
* __Redone the table layout__
* Cleaned the Edit page layout
* Added a link to Smallpiece wiki in LeftMenuFooter.jsp

!! v. 0.3 (unreleased)

* __Changed the Preview page layout__
* __Changed the Edit page layout__
* __Changed the upload file window layout__
* Cleaned the Find Pages page layout
* Changed the HR style (color and width)
* Cleaned the left menu
* Decreased the page title font size
* Decreased the breadcrumbs font size
* Decreased H2 font size

!! v. 0.2 (unreleased)

First release

!!! Comments and feedback
\\__[Rolf Mueller|RolfMueller] 2005-12-20__\\
Hello Allessandro, I like your template. I extended it by a couple of things, such as a top menu bar and a dynamic left hand menu, depending on the topic chosen on the top. I also added a pagecount. You can see the result at [www.rolf.mueller.name|http://www.rolf.mueller.name] and [www.dina.mueller.name|http://www.dina.mueller.name]. If you (or anyone else) are/is intested in the extended version, just let me know. [Rolf Mueller|RolfMueller]

__[GP] 2005-12-07__
Can you please explain the installation... There are 2 dirs _MACOSX and smallpiece

Assumed that smallpiece was the one and unzipped it to /templates....

Seems to work, just no editing buttons or the smallpice logo and a couple of other things

I'd like to play with it as brushed is just way to messy for my liking... yours looks neat and simple

\\__[AlessandroMelandri] 2005-12-08__
The dir _MACOSX is created by the Mac Os system and I'm trying to fing a way to remove it from the zip file.
\\I tried downloading the template from this page and installed it with no problem. Can you please tell me what browser and operating system you are using? Are you getting javascript errors?


I found a minor bug in version 0.7 of the template. 
Problem is the SearchBox.jsp. You changed the default form tag and added 
a onSubmit Attribute that calls a chechSearchField javascript function that
does not exist. first bug is a typo in the function name
"check" not "chech", second bug is the fact, that neither
of these js functions exists.

Another problem concerns the cssinclude.js file which
missen some <!-- and // --> tags around the js code.
Else the html validators will complain. 


--[AndyW|], 13-Dec-2005


Alessander, what i forgot to mention. Please add
your email address to at least one file contained in the zip, 
else i do not know how to properly report bugs. adding
wiki comments is not really a good solution to contact you.

--[|], 13-Dec-2005


__AlessandroMelandri 2005-12-14__ I will release soon an update that will correct these bugs. I'm also working on an update to make the template compatible with the new JSPWiki version.

--[|], 14-Dec-2005


Hi Alessandro, can you let me know how far you are from releasing this template for new jspwiki version?

--firefoxfan, 06-Jan-2006


I already have a template for the new version but I've been quite busy and I didn't download the latest alpha versions so the template it's quite unstable and has a lot of errors. I think I could get out a beta version in the next week.

--[AlessandroMelandri|http://wiki.smallpiece.info], 08-Jan-2006


Nice. I already have your old template working with the new alpha code, though a lot of functionality is missing. Once you release the new vesrion of your template i will update my wiki. 

--firefoxfan, 09-Jan-2006


Really nice template, thanks for your work.\\
I found a minor bug with the css of the "Table of Contents" which is not correctly indented.\\
A quick and dirty correction is to change padding-left:
.toc li
	margin-left: 0em;
	padding-left: 1em;
	display: block;
--OlivierJaquemet, 15-Fev-2006


smallpiece_v072.zip  :  
not able to select the right stylesheet for mozilla firefox 

--AnonymousCoward, 11-May-2006


Hi, I installed the smallpiece and looks really good. The only problem I have is that I could not figure out how to change the Page title from "JSPWiki" to my own title. Any help is appreciated.

--Johnswart, 29-Jun-2006


smallpiece_v072.zip  :
there is no "Referenced By" (in the left column) above the list of pages referring to the current page; although the screen shots show that there should be?

--GamesBook, 21-Jul-2006


Are there any plans to upgrade Smallpiece Template 2 to JSPWiki 2.4.x?  I went to Alessandro's site but it appears to be on Dokuwiki again; so is anyone maintaining the template?  We chose the Smallpiece template after looking at many others and my team and I really like the look, feel and features.  But now, we are unfortunately married to JSPWiki 2.2.33

--MartinHache, 26-Oct-2006


I cannot seem to get the Referenced By section of the left menu to appear. I have set the baseURL but it had no affect. I did get the rss.rdf logo to appear. I downloaded the latest version of jspwiki and smallpiece.

--AnonymousCoward, 31-Oct-2006