Just creating this page so that it receives documentation.

If I understand well, JSPWiki has a feature such as:

  • You can specify one or more line(s) jspwiki.specialPage.MyPageName = xxx.jsp in jspwiki.properties
  • Each link from another Wiki page to MyPageName (using the usual link syntax [My Page Name]) will invoke the corresponding xxx.jsp instead of invoking the usual rendering of a Wiki page named MyPageName.
  • Is that correct? If so this is very handy way to integrate, e.g., custom forms.
  • What are the limitations?
    • The JSP must be included in the jspWiki WebApp (see BugSpecialPageFeatureShowsErrorpage).
    • What happens if a regular Wiki page named MyPageName already exists (e.g. if it was created prior to the administrator configuring the special page line)?

AnswerMe is this feature already documented (search didn't find it, and the link Special Pages was dangling)? Otherwise can you JspWiki maintainers document it?

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