''Just creating this page so that it receives documentation.''

If I understand well, JSPWiki has a feature such as:
* You can specify one or more line(s) {{{jspwiki.specialPage.MyPageName = xxx.jsp}}} in {{jspwiki.properties}}
* Each link from another Wiki page to {{{MyPageName}}} (using the usual link syntax [[My Page Name]) will invoke the corresponding xxx.jsp instead of invoking the usual rendering of a Wiki page named MyPageName.
* Is that correct? If so this is very handy way to integrate, e.g., custom forms.
* What are the limitations?
** The JSP must be included in the jspWiki WebApp (see [BugSpecialPageFeatureShowsErrorpage]).
** What happens if a regular Wiki page named {{{MyPageName}}} already exists (e.g. if it was created prior to the administrator configuring the special page line)?

[AnswerMe] is this feature already documented (search didn't find it, and the link Special Pages was dangling)? Otherwise can you JspWiki maintainers document it?