Nothing special - just used 2.1.86alpha as a base (didn't knew if the others worked well with this version) and did some beautifications for myself. Kept all changes inside of the template directory. Tried to do all beautifications by using CSS, but had to adapt some template JSPs to accomplish this. (sorry :)




I think this looks wonderful. In fact, if someone did an XHTML-version of this, I would love to include it as the new "default" template.

-- JanneJalkanen, 05-Mar-2004

Thx for the credits, Janne. If anyone has enough time, please feel free to use and/or adapt it as you wish. One point is still open, though: when going into editing a page, there is a sort of style break, but since I had very little time, I decided to considered it as another way to show the user that he is in a really special mode ;o).

Another thing to consider for you, Janne: this is a fast beautification with very little effort and can easily be integrated into the current alpha version, but I do not consider it as a clean approach. As a long term goal, I personally believe that the direction the Tableless template gives is a better and cleaner coding style. On the other hand, I don't know if older browsers (or text browsers) are really happy with table-less pages. Hmm, anyway, nowadays CSS should be the way to go and no style dependant html-code should be left over. (please forgive my english since I'm not a native speaker)

Update(20040306): ok, you got me. I updated the template with a version that throws only 10 violations in the W3C XHTML 1.1 validator when it validates the start page from the screenshot - most of these violations (if not all) are the cause of plugins and jspwiki itself (again, based on 2.1.86alpha).

Update(20040309): Another template update which corrects 2 bugs I found in the left menu: width is now fixed (disregarding width of cell content) and background color is set to white (false color occured when left menu's height exceeded the height of the gradient background image).

-- RG

-- Andreas Schaefer 3/22/04 I found some problems with JSP Wiki version 2.0.49. Whereever "UserCheck" is used the attribute "status" has to be changed to "exists" and the value to "true"/"false" instead of "known"/"unknown" (LeftMenu.jsp and Login.jsp). As well on LeftMenuFooter.jsp the "Release.getVersionStr()" has to be replace with "Release.VERSTR".

Is it possible that these problems only occur because you use v.2.0.49 instead of my v2.1.86alpha? -- RG

I like this template and its worth to apply the above changes in order to make it working with v.2.0.52 which is widely used. -- Christian Buchegger

I had an issue when I accessed the Wiki via an Apache server using the Weblogic plugin. However I was able to resolve the issue by defining the correct mime mapping in the web.xml like:


Maybe this is a general pattern which occurs using stylesheets. -- Christian Buchegger

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