I plan to use jspwiki in a local project starting early 2004, my page is www.p8serv.de.

This project is non-commercial, I am doing it on my own.
I do some rich content things for this project and jspwiki, I like to share, but I do not know, if you like to have this in your wiki.

Please take a look here

My usage of your weblog may interest you:

For this project I want to use visual browsing in svg or with touchgraph.
So it would be great for me to get involved in your visualisation plans.



Stefan - I like your calendar thingie. Is that something you could pack into a neat tag or plugin and contribute? I've been thinking of writing something a little bit similar myself, but I hate reinventing the wheel. --ebu

Thank you, it is just an extended CalendarTag.
I will rewrite and contribute it.


Done, it is a weblog-clone.

Here is a readme about the usage.
This text is also included in this archive I prepared for download.


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