I'm a java/jsp developer in Seattle. I'll be using wiki's internally, for intranets, and externally, for hobby sites.

The first thing I'll be working on is authentication and restricted access. Yes, I know it's the wiki way to let everyone have at it and then change it back if it's hacked, but the first objection I get from new user's is, "You mean anyone can edit the page?"

You probably don't want to start working on it; JSPWiki 2.3.x already has it. However, we don't mind getting any new developers to help in stabilizing it... Please join the JSPWikiMailingList for further discussion.

-- JanneJalkanen

Done. Joined the mailing list and will look at 2.3.x. Thanks.

-- Steve Isaacson

More testing.

Another 'paragraph.' http://www.google.com Here. And here.

And another.

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