''NB: This list will be emptied every now and then, so don't expect a full list
of things here.''
* A page history for easy backtracking?
** Done in, like, 1.9.x. with the BreadcrumbsTag.
* Make [FileSystemProvider] support also author names and other metainformation.  This is easy to do the same way as what [VersioningFileProvider] does: just put a <filename>.properties in the file directory.
** ''Done in 2.1.21.''
* Ability to see more ~CachingProvider statistics (how many pages are being cached, how much memory do they use, etc.)
** Added in 2.1.9.
* WeblogPlugin has a performance problem.
** Fixed in 2.1.18.
* It is possible to create a page with no name.
** Or an empty name (whitespace only)
** I don't consider an empty name a bug so here's a fix for no name (null or zero length). Too lazy to attach this almost trivial diff so here goes (it doesn't catch the thrown exception in the upper layer, I guess this should be done in Edit.jsp). --[Killer]
** This has been fixed in 2.1.15.
* Ability to set things on a per-page basis:
** CamelCase expansion
** Template
*** ''Done in 2.1.20.''
* Locking of pages during editing (if someone else requested the page but did not save, expire lock in 1 hour or so)

* Add servlet request and servlet config to plugin parameters.
** Servlet response?  Needs major overhaul, because the stream is already started at the point we
   get to the plugin.
** ~ServletContext is available since 1.7.10.
** ~ServletRequest is available via ~WikiContext since 2.0.13.

* Index plug-in that lists all the pages in the Wiki, with the letters of the
  alphabet at the start (and end, and every between?) that can be used to jump
  to specific letter. Should the plug-in be smart enough to exclude letters
  that have no corresponding pages?
** ''Included in the current distro''.

* Uploading files (however, we don't want to break the simplicity of the Wiki - uploading doc files makes them difficult to comment, for example.)
** Just plain page attachments would be cool.
** First integration is in 1.9.1.  Doesn't work, though =).
** Fully integrated in 2.0.0.

* Ability to set the front page to something else than [Main].  This should be a setting in jspwiki.properties.
**Can be easily achieved by: copying Main.txt to eg. Welcome.txt. URL to get this page is (naturally) http://www.jspwiki.org/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Welcome , et voila... . btw. What about a [TipsAndTricks|JSPWikiTips] page? --[Rue|mailto:r.sonntag@gmx.de]
** Not quite, as pointing to http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki would still redirect you to the page called "Main".  There is a page called [JSPWikiTips], by the way =).
** ''Now done in 1.9.29''.

* If viewed through ~PageInfo, the current version is claimed to be non-editable.
** Partly fixed in 1.9.12.
** ''Fully fixed in 1.9.2x.''

* We need a real error page in web.xml.
** Isn't it better to specify an error page on our JSP pages? --[ebu]
** No.  You have to do it once for each JSP page, and you can't catch compile time exceptions that way. --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]
** Besides, you can always override the default error page locally, on the JSP page, anyway.
** Done in 2.0.1, though it is still page-specific due to Tomcat bugs.

* Preserve & in pages.
** ''Done in 1.9.36''

* Automatically consider plural links (= if MyDocument__s__ does not exist, try ~MyDocument).
** Done in 1.8.0.
* Allow also plain CamelCase for links.
** Support for this is now in 1.9.2.

* ~PageModified.jsp should really wrap the text - currently it looks horrible. 
** Fixed in 1.8.0

* Fix the "Cookies not decoded properly"-bug (see [BugReports])
** Fixed in 1.8.2.

* [UserPreferences] should really be more picky about what kind of ~UserNames it accepts.  Currently, you can have an user name that has a space in it, which in turn confuses the whole system.
** ''Fixed in 1.9.22.''
* If you link to a page using its plural form, it gets listed in the [UndefinedPages] list, unless the page actually exists.  Oops.
** [ebu]: I disagree on this being a bug; call me pedantic, but plural and singular aren't the same. Compare to case-sensitivity...
** [JanneJalkanen]: *shrug* Whatever.  It'll be fixed anyway.  (Otherwise [UndefinedPages] will look __very__ bad after the Wiki has grown big enough.
** ''Fixed in 1.9.18.''

* Horrible colors on Edit.jsp :-)
** Sort of fixed - in v1.5.1 there is a stylesheet entry {{BODY.EDIT}} for
   that.  You can redefine it in your own stylesheet :-).
** Also, please check [JSPWikiFaceLift].
** Edit.jsp background color changed for 1.9.12. :-)

* Support for the [RSS auto-discovery|http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/06/02.html#important_change_to_the_link_tag]
** Done in 1.7.10

* [MahlenMorris]: I found some weird formatting of lists. If you have {{{
*Item A
##Numbered 1
##Numbered 2
*Item B
it will come out like
*Item A
##Numbered 1
##Numbered 2
*Item B

This doesn't seem correct.

''Yes.  I'll try to see if I can fix that.  --[JanneJalkanen]''

''09-May-02: Short update. This seems to be quite a complex matter - the whole way we do lists now may have to go to fix this. --[JanneJalkanen]''.
* There is now a sort-of-a-workaround for that in the current CVS version (1.7.8), but it's not a real solution.

* Add plugin config paths.
** Fixed in 1.7.10
* Fix NPE on [BugReports].
** Probably fixed on 1.7.10.
* Fix the problem on [WikiRPCInterfaceListLinks].
** Fixed in 1.7.8.  The HREF attribute is now correct.
* Allow logout/clearing of preferences ([RobertMcGovern] sent me a nice patch.)
** Fixed in 1.7.9.
** ''Where is this in the UI? Can't find the place just by searching. --[ebu]''
** See [UserPreferences].  That's why you can't find it - it's on a JSP page.
* Incorporate a Java version of diff to DifferenceEngine.
** [MahlenMorris]: There is a GPL'd Java diff used in the Hula code that i found somewhere (it's used to generate the deltas in the [EmailGenerator]. It's not perfect, but could likely be modified to perfection (I took it as is, cause I was lazy). Look at the bmsi.util package in the [Hula] source.
** Is now fixed in 1.7.9.
* [RSS feed for JSPWiki] seems to abuse the dc:contributor field.
** Probably fixed in 1.7.10

* Sometimes the last character of the page disappears.  An EOL issue?
** Seems to be issue mostly with NS4.x...
** ''Should be fixed in 1.7.2-cvs.''

*The time zone conversion in the RPCHandler is incorrect (see WikiRPCInterface). This is why EmailGenerator sometimes lists a page but then says there are no differences. Also, i imagine in other time zones this would have the effect of missing changes.
** Hm.  Worrying.  --[JanneJalkanen]
** [MahlenMorris]: I've confirmed that here, with a JSPWiki server on California time, the effect is for the email to lose changes. But i think the fix is fairly straightforward. RPCHandler.getRecentChanges() needs to use the following code (from Janne) to convert from UTC to local time:{{{
        Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
        cal.setTime( d );
        cal.add( Calendar.MILLISECOND,
                 + (cal.get( Calendar.ZONE_OFFSET ) +
                    (cal.getTimeZone().inDaylightTime( d ) ?
                     cal.get( Calendar.DST_OFFSET ) : 0 )) );
** [JanneJalkanen]: Duh.  *bangs head against the keyboard* : yt6yt67y6t77yu667yt.  Fix is up and away =).

* [RSS feed for JSPWiki]
** Done in 1.7.6.

* A non-RCS versioning file provider.
** Initial version is available in 1.6.14-cvs (11032002).  However, I would advise against using
   it for any real project.  It has not yet been tested properly and it might lose your data.

* [MahlenMorris]: Does it show a name, or just an IP address? IP is not that descriptive (hint, all my changes have an IP that starts with "64"). Maybe a special page to set a cookie with my name.
** If you're logged in (using [HTTPBasicAuthentication] for example), you
   it stores the name.  Otherwise it stores the IP address.  Basically what
   we need is a page that allows people to "log in", and a way to manipulate
   the cookie set by the servlet container.  Or something.  --[JanneJalkanen]
** ''There is now an option to [set the user name|UserPreferences] in JSPWiki 1.7.3.  Please test... --[JanneJalkanen]''
**Sweet. So presumably someday the RecentChanges page will link to these names?
** ''Done in 1.7.4.''

* Here is a simple way to create an "active" image that would be cool to see in JSPWiki:
         --Alain Ravet
** Yes, I've been a bit wary of doing that for some odd reason.  I always thought that the text should be the ALT text, but then I realized that there is little point in having an URL as an ALT text.  I'll put this up with the next release, just as soon as I get some sleep. --[JanneJalkanen]
** ''Done in 1.7.4''.

* A __preview before saving__ button would be welcome, at least for those of us who use a versioning file provider. Sometimes, it can take me 3 or 4 attempts to get the right look. To bad it creates 3 or 4 different versions. ''I second this. Change Save to be Preview and then on the preview page have buttons for Re-edit or Save [RobertMcGovern]''
** I agree. This would be a good feature - I find myself missing such a thing every once in a while. --[JanneJalkanen]
** ''There is now (21032002) a rudimentary Preview.jsp in CVS.  Take a look - it won't go live on this site before the weekend, though... --[Janne]''

* Put the ability to search your query on Google as well. ("click here to
  try your search on Google")
** Done in 1.6.13.

* Using IE6, when I selected Edit Page I am presented by a ''Runtime Error. Line 58. document.forms.0.text is null or not an object'' This is present using 1.7.0 [RobertMcGovern]
** I am astounded.  The code actually has brackets in the correct place.  Why are they being killed by IE? --[JanneJalkanen]
** Fixed in 1.7.1.
** ''What did you need to do in the end to fix it? -- [RobertMcGovern]''
** Ah yes.  It was supposed to be "document.forms.[[1].text" instead of 0.  When I added the ~PageHeader.jsp to the Edit page as well, I completely forgot to update the Javascript.  Confusingly, IE does not display the brackets when reporting the error. --[JanneJalkanen]

* ~PageModified.jsp and Edit.jsp should really use ~PageHeader.jsp instead of their own thingy.
** Fixed in 1.6.12.

* Footnotes need to have the page name embedded in them to make them unique
  across all of JSPWiki.  This is to make it easier to collect pages together.
** Done in 1.6.13-cvs

* The UndefinedPages page is cool, but could we have the pages in alphabetical
** Done in 1.6.10-cvs.

* RecentChanges should show the author's name, who made the recent change -[sj]
** Done in 1.6.8-cvs.

* Page caching
** I have Chris's code for this - I'm thinking about a clean way to integrate it to our current dev branch. --[JanneJalkanen]
** Partially in 1.6.6-cvs.

* [XML-RPC] interface to Wiki.  Let's discuss this more in [WikiRPCInterface].
** First implementation in 1.6.6-cvs.

* [MahlenMorris]: In WikiEngine.saveText( String page, String text, HttpServletRequest request ), there is a call to m_referenceManager.updateReferences() that seems unneeded, since that method is called in the two-arg version of saveText(). Likewise the call to m_provider.putPageText(). Or am i misreading this somehow? This is in the 1.6.3-beta code.
** [JanneJalkanen]: Yes, since if user info has been disabled, the three-args version returns early.  I agree, it's rather unclear.  Obviously something to [refactor|MercilessRefactoring].
** Fixed in 1.6.6-cvs.

* When viewing an older version the displayed date is wrong (refers to the date of the last modified version instead of the displayed version)
** Fixed in 1.6.9-cvs

* There's a bug in getPageInfo of RCSFileProvider. Bug manifests at least
  on Windows 2000, when the files have been edited frequently (i.e. the full
  rlog is longer than a few versions). See [RCSRlogBug].
** Fixed in 1.6.11.
* Sometimes the CachingProvider misses an update to a page.
** Perhaps fixed in 1.6.9.
* At startup phase, should really lock the system for the scan - we don't want multiple threads creating WikiEngines at the same time.
** Done in 1.6.6-cvs.
* CachingProvider seems to freak out on saving as well sometimes, as
  [RecentChanges] throws a ~NullPointerException every now and then.
** Moved discussion to [MysteriousRecentChangesCrash].
** Seems to be fixed in 1.6.9.
* In 1.6.9, [UndefinedPages] seems to break. Index out of range error.
** Fixed now.  Stupid evaluation order mistake :-).
* It would seem that very few browsers don't like the way the tables
  are implemented now.  Netscape does not understand <THEAD>, and Mozilla and
  IE do not grok the CSS.  The only browser to work correctly is Konqueror.
** Partly fixed in 1.6.10: Mozilla still does not grok the THEAD correctly.
** Gng.  Netscape 4.x on Windows still gets tables all wrong.  Apparently,
   it does not know what to do with THEAD.  I think I'll rewrite the table
** Rewritten in 1.6.11-beta.  No longer THEADs, but it seems that Mozilla
   table CSS support is broken anyway.
* A Quickdiff - function, showing what were the modifications since yesterday
** Done in 1.6.2-cvs.  Though it's only against the last version.
* PageInfo could also show diff against the current version, not just the incremental versions. 
** Done in v1.6.2-cvs.
* In More info... diff the text is not wrapped and runs off the screen
** Fixed in v1.6.3-beta.
* The diff format on the Diff.jsp page is terrible and difficult to figure out. Use colors to separate adds/subs?
** Fixed in v1.6.3-beta.
* Add a basepath variable that allows doing redirects through HTTP tunnels
** Done in v1.6.1-cvs.
* Embedding variables on pages?
** This would allow all sorts of cool things, like the ability to make
   [RecentChanges], [FindPage], and perhaps others into collaboratively
   edited pages.  For example: [[include:RecentChanges;from=30] would insert the
   RecentChanges list from the past 30 days.
** Done in v1.6.1-cvs.
* This page referred to by -list 
** Should this be updated into the servlet context after every edit, or do we want a batch process? I might be a volunteer for this. --[ebu]
** I don't know, frankly.  There is a third option: we can always create it dynamically, but I think that's too slow.  The original Wiki has something like 19000 pages, so you might want to make your performance estimations based on very large numbers. --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]
** While we're at it, we probably need a list of undefined pages as well.  See [http://senseis.xmp.net/?UndefinedPages] for an example.
** Don't know if this is really semiurgent, but "while we're at it", a list of
   pages that are __not__ linked from anywhere could also be useful, with the
   option of deleting them. --[MikaelHonkala]
** Done in v1.6.1-cvs.
* Look into inserting variables, servlets, etc.  It'd be cool to be able
  to edit Edit page, Search page, etc.
* Done in 1.6.1-cvs.
* Work on the off-line info collector.  Discussion in [CreatingReferralList].
** Done in 1.6.1-cvs. Unoptimized, testing only.
* Give the editing window default focus when opening the edit page: 
  <BODY BGCOLOR="#SOME_OTHER_COLOR" onLoad="document.form[[0].text.focus()">
** Added in v1.5.1-cvs.  Edit page color is also now settable through CSS.
* Page date on PageInfo seems to be lagging two hours.
** Fixed in v1.5.3-cvs.
* The mythical "This is not my page" -bug on Mistakes.
** Fixed, note in [RCSFileProviderIssues]
* When creating a new page, v1.5.4 displays "null" as the initial text.
** Fixed in v1.5.6
* Proper document type declarations
** Fixed in v1.5.2-cvs.
* Transmute " into & quot ;
** Fixed in v1.6.0
* Integrate [UTF8-patches] from Chris
** Done in v1.5.4
* InterWiki linking options.
** Implemented in JSPWiki v1.3.0
* stylesheets (don't worry, I'll be very gentle)
** Done in v1.3.1 - but some editing should still be done.
** More stuff has happened in v1.3.2.
* Allow dots and underscores in wiki names.
** Done in v1.3.2
* Allow bulleted/numbered lists to span over two lines. 
** What is the problem now? Haven't encountered it. -- [ebu].
** If you're writing a long bulleted item, it can be very annoying to keep it all on the same line, especially when it's difficult to discern when there actually IS a newline, and when it's just the editor wrapping. --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]
** Oh yeah, and in addition, NS4.x does not do line wrapping in the textarea element, which is inconvinient. --[Janne|JanneJalkanen]
** Should be fixed on v1.3.3 onward...
* Inlining pictures [[http://www.yaddayadda.com/picture.png].
** Done in v1.3.2 and above.
* Add footnotes.
** Done in v1.4.2-cvs.
* Make JSPWiki support all (printable) characters in page names, not just a-z, A-Z, 0-9.
** I'm planning to support this by using java.net.URLEncode class at suitable points, and adding a method to WikiPageProvider to handle page name conversion.
** Done on v1.4.2-cvs.
* Fix some configurability issues (not all exec commands are configurable)
** Done on v1.5.0
* Make damn sure in the next release all references to me are removed from
  the jspwiki.properties file.  I no longer wish to have error messages from
  other people's wikis =).
** Done on v1.5.0
* Using non-ascii characters is not allowed inside a link.  We need a conversion routine for 
* The reference list can grow too wide with long page names.  We should
  implement something that cuts the link name if it grows too big.  (The
  ReferringPagesPlugin should have a ''maxwidth'' -parameter).
** This one is done in 1.6.5.