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Do you have a question to which everyone else seems to know the answer but you? Here's your place to ask it.

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Mild refactoring performed on 2004-06-14. Looks like many of the questions have already been copied into one of the JSPWikiFAQ pages.

Well these aren't stupid questions here. Maybe this and the FAQ could be refactored into real faq (frequent!) and into not frequent questions. I agree. Could someone take care of refactoring JSPWikiFAQ into something useful? I'm a bit pressed on time these days :) --JanneJalkanen

StupidQuestion: How to let user modify pages but not create new one#

I set the below policy but user can still create new pages.
grant principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Authenticated" {
permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "editProfile";
permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "modify";
}; Problem still not solved. Any one can tell me what is wrong?

StupidQuestion : Unable to save changes.#

I have downloaded and installed JSPWiki. The home page opens but when i click on save while editting or while saving user preferences i get the error "Page cannot be displayed". Mine is working under windows and tomcat 5.5. jspwiki 2.8.3. kindly help. i have even installed the xerecsImpl.jar also. plz help.

A: For me this was caused because I didn't set the jspwiki.baseURL in so the wiki thought the Wiki.jsp would be at the top level (in the webapps directory)

StupidQuestion: Why am I locked out from a page that I try to edit?#

Sometimes (rather frequently) I edit a page. When trying to store it I am told that some other user has changed the page (which is definitely not the case). All I can do then is store my changed version in a safe place and replace the entire text a few hours later. What could cause this behavior if JSPWiki? Thanks in advance Walter

StupidQuestion: How to restore the last installation?#

Hi, there! My jspwiki was working well, but i didn't knew the admin pwd, then trying recover this admin pwd I've executed the Install.jsp on enviroment production. After this all images and some references has been disapeared, comments ans so on... How can i fix it? The jspwiki seems not recognize the paths of images, cuz all images aren't being shown. I'd checked the files on "attach" folder and I saw all images they are there, but when i call them by url for example: the jspwiki says "not found".

pls someone help me fix it. best regards!

StupidQuestion: 404 Not Found#

I probaly did something wrong, but I don't have any idea about what happened. The problem is: When I try to refer an attached file or try to download it, I got a 404 Not Found. Everthing works fine, the files are in my server, but I just can't refer to them by the Attach tab. Any clue? I think its a simple link problem.

StupidQuestion: How can I add a big (10mb) attachment?#

Hello, I created a page in the doc wiki JSPWiki Out of the Box and can't attach the deployment file. Probably because it is to big. If I try it, I get a server time out. Thank you for a solution.

StupidQuestion: Where is registercontent?#

I'm just getting started with a very plain install of 2.8 and get this error when I try to register (Log in as new user)

The requested resource (/JSPWiki/registercontent) is not available.

I'm sure I skipped some simple install step, but I can't find it.

A: Yep it was something stupid but just in case someone else hits it here's what happened. NoScript was blocking javascript. It was very odd that I got a 404 error rather than the usual simply failing to run, but there it is.

StupidQuestion: Can I edit directly the page text files?#

This is again a stupid question since sure I can, I've done it! But can it make any harm. Is there difference if the server is running or not? How about creating a new page just copying the text file. How about attachments? It would be nice if I could attach 100 personnel images using a single "cp" in the server. --Timo (2008-06-12)

A: Yes, you can. There is no harm, but sometimes the server does not notice the modifications, so you may have to restart the server.

However, make sure you also create the metadata files ( and, if you are adding new files. The format is fairly obvious.

Q: Very good! The attachments can then be imported easily. But how about the search? I want to seach the imported pages. It seems that the search is not aware of the imported pages. After editing the pages the search operates ok. Is there any way to tell the search engine "hey, we are here, search us!"? --Timo (2008-06-13)

A: If all else fails, you can always force a reindex through the admin UI or via e.g. jconsole. This is 2.6 only though.

A: I succeded to force a complete reindexing after file transport by stopping Tomcat, deleting the working directory specified by the property jspwiki.workDir, containing the subdirectories lucene and refmgr-attr. This works when using the VersioningFileProvider and the BasicAttachmentProvider. --Christoph Knabe 2010-02-26

StupidQuestion: How do I switch off the internatiolization (i18n)? #

This may sound a really stupid question since Janne et al. have put efford to make it work. But the content of my server is English, and I want that all remaining texts in the pages are in English, despite of the language selection in the browser. --Timo (2008-06-08)

A: There isn't really a simple way to do that, except to remove all of the localization files from JSPWiki.jar. Look under the i18n subdirectory. Leave the default files...

Q: Another related question: is there any real internatiolization support in JPSWiki? I mean that also the contents of the pages may change obeying the browser language. Of course, I assume that the contents has been marked in some way to be, e.g., Finnish or English. --Timo (2008-06-09)

A: Nope. We have been discussing this at length, but it turns out it's quite difficult to do properly - all approaches so far seem to quickly become very messy. A big issue is that page titles and URLs should match - so what happens when you go i18n on them? If you're interested in that discussion, I would encourage you to join the JSPWikiMailingList. This is not a good place to have that talk...

StupidQuestion: Why this site has few images? I read that you discourage the use of GIF and JPEG. Xwiki seems to have a more visually attractive site (Anon 2008-04-05) #

A: Nobody of us is a graphic designer, that's why...

StupidQuestion: (v2.6.1) When I create a page with a link using e.g. [my link here], instead of the hyperlink becoming 'MyLinkHere' it converts to 'My link here'.#

So it capitalises the first letter only and leaves the spaces in. I noticed the same format is shown with the links on Is there some config setting I've missed to get the proper 'auto-camelcasing' behaviour?
(Dave - Feb 26th 2008)

A: Use 2.4. In 2.6, spaces are meaningful and accepted in page names.

StupidQuestion: Why does JSPWiki (v2.4.103) not seem to know that I'm already logged in, when I click on a link in an Office document ?#

e.g. when clicking on Wiki links within Excel or Word 2003 (Windows XP, IE 6-7)
(Dan - Feb. 5th 2008)

StupidAnswer: I have no idea. I would recommend you join the JSPWikiMailingList and start asking questions there...

StupidQuestion: How becomes font size effective in Internet Explorer?#

The question: What has to be set in JSPWiki, that font size is variable from the Internet Explorer? What does this mean? If you open the Microsoft Internet Explorer, call via an URL your installed WIKI, and change the font size by clicking following buttons in Internet Explorer:

View -> Text Size -> Largest/Larger/Medium/Smaller/Smallest

there happens unfortunatelly nothing. The font size is always the same, it is fixed to a given size. We are using JSPWiki, running on
apache-tomcat-6.0.13. What have I forgotten, which "switch" has to be set in config file, that variable fonts, changed by "View" in Internet Explorer, will become active?

(Mick 13-12-2007)


Open the file jspwiki.css and set font size of text from any fixed value to auto. This helps!!!

(Mick 17-12-2007)

StupidQuestion: How can I create a form to enter data into a database and retrieve it into another page ?#

I have created dozens of JSP programs to do it but I want to 'Wikify' it. How do I do that ? Plus I would like to know how to use the Form Plugin.

-- Harbhai (21 - Sept - 2007)

StupidQuestion: Why is JSPWiki delivered with security turned on / Why is security so hard?#

Wikis are supposed to be open. I wanted to just deploy-n-run. Instead I'm mired in JAAS security settings which I know nothing about. I am spending hours playing with JAAS and login when all I want is a sandbox for my developers to communicate. JSPWiki used to be easy. Why is it so hard?

Request for Clarification#

Can you quantify what you mean by so hard? From my experience, you should not have to modify any JAAS settings if you're going to simply rely on file-based user/group databases. Where are you having trouble?

While Wikis may be based openness, this isn't always the best option. Are your developers the only ones who can connect to this wiki, or is it on a network encompassing more than just your Development team? If so, wouldn't you want to protect your information from those users?

From my experience, the default install of JSPWiki is actually quite simple. Anyone can then register and edit content. The complexity gets into play when you want to start restricting some of this access. If this is your scenario, then I doubt any wiki solution would simply 'work' out of the box.

I've spent a great deal of time learning JSPWiki and how it interacts with the container. Based on what JSPWiki provides, I've been able to integrate JSPWiki into our standard J2EE environment with no code changes. I can even take advantage of SSO (RSA Cleartrust) and Enterprise Directory (via WebSphere User Registry) out of the box with no manipulation. This flexibility makes JSPWiki a very solid candidate.

-- Joseph Hobbs 11/5/2008

StupidQuestion: Can't get remote access via HTTPS to work?#

I am trying to setup JSPWiki in glassfish. On the localhost I can login, edit and save changes via HTTPS. But from a remote host via HTTPS I cant login, edit and save changes. I can go to the login page via https://krabba:8181/JSPWiki and get the login page, but when I press the login button I get "Cant establish connection to the server localhost:8181". Why I get localhost insteas of krabba I don't understand.

If I then change the localhost to krabba (my intranet server) the Wiki Main page comes up an I am logged in. I can the navigate and start editing a page but when I save the page a get the "Cant establish connection to the server localhost:8181" again. Changeing the localhost to krabba I can the naviaget and look at the changed page. Can anyone help?
A : It looks like you have the jspwiki.baseURL in WEB-INF/ set to https://localhost:8181, JSPWiki tries to redirect you to that URL even if you started your browser with another URL https://krabba:8181.

StupidQuestion: How to reset a user's password?#

I administer a JSPWiki for my students. Occaisionally, one of them forgets her or his password. The "reset password" link doesn't seem to work---it gives a message "Internal Error: Contact the site administrator, please." Well, that would be me, and I haven't a clue what to do.

Can anyone help?

Some stupid work arounds I've used:

  1. Creating a new user with a known password, and copying and pasting the encrypted password in the userdatabase.xml
  2. Just having the student create a whole new user account with a known password, and abandoning the old account.

I'd like to have a more intelligent work around!

A: Have you checked that the email configuration is ok in your What do your log files say?

A: A quicker workaround; generate the new SHA string: htpasswd -sn

StupidQuestion: Admin login password.#

On Windows, v2.4.82, Install.jsp generates a password on the result page. That password is encrypted as (sha) text in the userdatabase.xml file

if using default security=jaas.

That password never works no matter how I try to re-install jspwiki. Checking the stored text with a sha decryption utility did not yield the result on the install.jsp page.

Is there an easy way to set the sha text in the xml file and have it loaded by jspwiki to logon as admin?


Stupid Installation Question.#

  • See below for answer to this one.

Hi, I've tried to install JSPWiki on a Solaris 10 machine and on a machine running Solaris 9, I have tried with version 2.4.69 and later with 2.4.56. On each occassion I get the same problem.

I clicked on Install.jsp for the simple install, and was provided with an initial admin password. I follow the "This page does not exist. Why don't you go and create it?" link, and am presented with a login screen. I login as admin using the password provided. Quite some time goes by, around a minute, meanwhile my /tmp/jspwiki.log file tells me that the admin login was authenticated...

2006-10-18 18:18:43,585 [HttpProcessor[8080][4]] INFO JSPWiki JSPWiki: - Successfully authenticated user admin (custom auth)
2006-10-18 18:18:43,585 [HttpProcessor[8080][4]] INFO JSPWiki JSPWiki: - Redirecting user to Wiki.jsp

...but then, according to the log, it thinks I've tried to login as Guest:

 2006-10-18 18:20:13,671 [HttpProcessor[8080][3]] INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiContext JSPWiki: - User Guest has no access - redirecting (permission=("com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission","JSPWiki:Main","edit"))

...and it throws me back to the login screen, and the whole thing loops again. It's kept me entertained for hours ;=)

Also if I try to follow the "Don't have a password? Join JSPWiki now!" link, it takes me to an almost empty profile screen, the snapshot follows (click on thumbnail to view):

Is this screen missing something?

Janne, or other gurus: all I really want is to be able to login, and then hopefully import my files from my older JSPWiki, version 2.2.33 and run the new improved wiki. Just can't seem to get past this looping problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I get the same problem if I try the "Advanced Installation" approach.

Answer to this problem.#

Well, I upgraded tomcat to version 5.5.17 via "coolstack" - which is optimized freeware for Solaris - and the latest JSPWiki, and the problem went away.

Moral: Sometimes it's better just to bite the bullet and upgrade than to scavange around looking for obscure fixes to obscure problems.

The JAAS security features are now working beautifully.

Which policy file is used?#

Not exactly a question, but I wanted to fling this on this site and get feedback before elaborating into a bug report, doc entry, or tip.

I have several JSPWiki instances in the same Tomcat container, and I've just discovered (thanks to the admin/SecurityConfig.jsp from 2.4.53) that the policy of my latest instance was configured from an old jspwiki.policy file (actually, the one in the first webapp in alphabetical order).

Probably a consequence of JSPWiki's delicate spirit: quoted from the SecurityConfig page itself:

JSPWiki installs its standard policy file at startup time by setting the system property and then refreshing the system policy. However, because many application servers and other Java applications sometimes also set their own policies, JSPWiki will respect the system property if it is already set.

Tomcat webapps probably live in the same single JVM instance, and the first JSPWiki webapp that loads a system policy file wins... Same thing for the .jks file.

  • Is that correct, and a known behavior?
  • Is that desired from JSPWiki's standpoint? Does JSPWiki needs JVM-wide settings, can't it setup its policy per instance? I don't know much about Java security, so maybe it's an inherent constraint.
  • Is that documented somewhere (I must have missed it in the numerous security-related pages)?

Yes, it's the correct and known behaviour. It's partly because we want to make startup easier (without requiring people to set up the JAAS and policy files), but if you want to have multiple installations, it can cause you pain.

No, policy cannot be set per instance. You're right, this is an inherent restriction of Java. There is only one global policy, and if the user does not set it, JSPWiki will make a guess.

-- JanneJalkanen

Importing lots of text?#

I found the Word macro that formats Word text into Wiki markup. Now what I would like to do is to use that to convert large chunks of text into Wiki. Has anyone done this already??

- Anders G

Q: Is it possible to include externally generated HTML content as a wiki page or wiki page content? I want to use Excel generated HTML as a wiki page, but I can't see how or where to post such HTML content. I'd want this externally generated HTML content stored somewhere within the wiki area.

- davout

Q: Are there any ready to work LDAP authenticator for last version of wiki? How can it can be configured? I checked through the web site and failed to find something regarding LDAP login with latest wiki available? How can I force users to authenticate?

Q: I'm just getting started on JSPWiki. When I deploy JSPWiki.war, and navigate to the Help tab while editing any page, I get the "Ho hum, it seems that the EditPageHelp? page is missing ..." message. I've copied the jspwiki-corepages files into my war but it seems to make no difference (I unjar JSPWiki.war, unzip corepages into it, jar it back up and deploy). The same thing happens with 2.2.33 and 2.4.6-beta, so I'm missing something basic. Appreciate any help.

A: Just figured out the answer to my own question above: The corepages should be unzipped into the directory where your content lives (i.e. the location where pageDir in points) NOT to the directory under $TOMCAT/webapps as the README seems to suggest!

Q: You guys don't ask stupid questions. Here's a really stupid one. Why are we not using the Forum Plug-in to do this question and answer page? --JoeG

Q: How do I incorporate the date in a link


[Test|[{INSERT CurrentTimePlugin format='dd-MMM-yyyy'}]]]


[Test|javascript:void((''+new Date().getFullYear),))]] but that was not allowed. Thanks

Q1: How do i set permissions in my jspwiki page. Right now i'm testing jspwiki integrated with portal server. Can i set authentication at wiki page levels, for example if i have a wiki page named 'mypage', can i set permissions so that only i can access this page.

Q2: Also i need to disable the Edit page option which comes by default for all the pages i create . How can i do this?

Thanks in Advance!


A: You can either use the default permissions for a Wiki page, or you define your own permissions. Do that by defining several [{ALLOW view username}], [{ALLOW edit username}] etc. at the beginning of your Wiki page. Replace username with a username or a name of a group or of a role. The permissions you can grant are view, edit, comment, rename and delete. You cannot grant more permissions to a user than he would have with the default permissions.

Q: How do we create links to external files?

Is it possible to have a link to a PDF file which is stored with the other pages? Rather than an attachment I would like the be able to include the link in line just like any other page or web reference. The PDF document would be opened with the browser plugin. The problem with using attachments is that they appear separated from the text.

SteveB: I have the same question. I have a lot of content in various file formats that exists on an intranet, and I can't attach all of it. I just want to link to these existing files.

A: You can create links to external pages just like as you would to internal pages: [] or [link text|]. Was that your question?

Q: Newly installed JSPWiki-2.3.63-alpha on linux (previously installed 2.2.33, but encountered some bugs so switched), however not a single one of the images (out.png, jspwiki_logo.png, etc.) show up in any pages. I can see that the placeholders reference the correct locations (e.g. http://myhost:8080/jspwiki/images/out.png), however they fail to actually load into the page(s). Additionally, if I attempt to put in the url of the image (like the address above), instead of displaying the image, all I get is a string indicating the url (firefox) or just a unloaded image icon (IE) (and yes, the images are actually there and readable). Any ideas how to resolve this?

Q: JSPWiki "cleans" the pagenames and search-terms from some in Swedish important letters. I use "jspwiki.encoding = UTF-8". Is there any place I must edit to get JSPWiki to stay away from page names? I also use JDBCPageProvider if that could be any clue?

A: No, it should not (as I am Finnish myself, I use all those same letters). It's clearly a bug. Could you file a bug report on it? (JDBCProvider may be a problem; I don't know.)

Q: While attempting to implement access control on my wiki, I inadvertantly locked myself and all other uers out of the wiki. When attempts are made to get to the URL the following error msg is displayed:

JSPWiki has detected an error Error Message Looped config detected - you must not prevent view access to page LoginError AND have strictLogins set to true!

Is there a way to either 1) reset access control to the default or 2) delete the entire wiki so I can start from scratch again.? The wiki's name is KPTeam.

Q: How do I trigger a full index by Lucene? I change pages, but they don't get indexed. Eventually they do. Is there a way to have pages indexed immediately when edits are saved?

How does JSPWiki decide to index pages?


A: JSPWiki should index the page immediately (well, within 500 milliseconds) when you save. If it is not doing that, then there may be a bug somewhere :-(. You can try to turn on DEBUG logging, and check if JSPWiki starts indexing your page after save.

Q: My sys admin copied our Wiki to a new box (Some variant of Debian). The default JSPWiki stuff works fine, but our Wiki just says "The requested resource (/OurWiki/Wiki.jsp) is not available." I can't see anything useful in the logs. All the configuration files that I know about are identical. If any permissions are wrong I can't see it.

The reference to resources suggests to me that it's something to do with Tomcat, but I'm not very knowledgeable about Tomcat and I can't see any resources defined on one box that are missing on the other.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


A: The probable answer is that your mappings are wrong. If you have an Apache frontend, check that it's config stuff has something like

JkMount /OurWiki/* ajpv13
or whatever you use.

A: Thanks for that. The sys admin reinstalled JSPWiki and it seems to be working now. There's now no way to know why it wasn't working before.

Q: I read about the Weblog Plugin etc. I still don't know how to add it to my already installed JSPWiki v2.2.28 .... Please guide.... Thanks. Andy

Ok. Thanks..I got it..Used the plugin that can be used to specify "category".

Q: Can i have Wiki pages in subdirectories. Here is what i want to do, i already have a bunch of text files which are organized into different directories - say i have two subdirectories Java, XML in the directory location set for the PageProvider and i have few text files in each directory. And when i refer to these files i want to use a syntax like - [sample|Java/sample] instead of [sample]. Is there anyway to do this ??

Only as part of a 3rd party extension. I call this "namespaces" and is one of the features I really like about DokuWiki. Such a feature would actually make our Intranet Wiki very much nicer to use, and it seems that something like it is being discussed for the future in IdeasSubPages. If you wanted the 3rd party extension - that is on the IdeasSubPages too and is done by modifying the VersioningFileProvider -- KieronWilkinson

How do I edit the Left Menu: Ok so I am new to this so... I have created a trial Wiki and created two Left Menu item called Diageo and Help but now I cannot see the Left Menu edit. What have I deleted that I shouldn't have??

Q: I'm having problems with uploading attachments. I've installed the JSPWiki on a Weblogic8.1 server, and when I try to upload an attachement I get a null pointer exception:-

JSPWiki has detected an error Error Message An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp. Exception java.lang.NullPointerException Place where detected jsp_servlet._templates._default._pagecontent._jspService(), line 432

I haven't changed any of the templates, as the error suggests. When looking in the jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir location, within the attachements directory, the file that I uploaded appears to be there.

From the point of receiving the error, I can no longer access the Wiki, and receive the same error, even when a new session is created.

Having decompiled the jsp_servlet class, I can see that the null pointer exception is being created at the point that the EditLinkTag.release() method is being called. This strikes me as strange, since on the previous line, the getParent method is called, with no such null pointer exception.

Can someone please offer any form of help? This one is causing me some really big headaches!

Many thanks in advance.

Updated, 11/08/2005

Please can someone help me out with this one - it's preventing me from going live with this product. Anyone, please?

A: Anyway, after having spent far too much time on this issue, I resolved the problem myself. For anyone having a similar issue, the problem is probably due to a folder permission problem.

Q: I have a problem with Authentication/access control. It works on my local machine, but on my server it doesn't, although both Wikis have the same configuration. The problem on the server is, that it works if the password and the username is correct (username=ebu, password=foobar), but then it does not show the logout button! So you are not really logged in.

A: The authentication/access control is deprecated and will be replaced by something new in 2.3 and is not maintained anymore. It's known to be extremely buggy. The reason could be anything...

Question: I included the following part in my template: <wiki:Plugin plugin="ReferringPagesPlugin" args="max='1000' maxwidth='800' separator=' | ' " />
Now, it shows a separator (" | ") between all refers, but also at the end, like this: "Main | LeftMenu | ". This looks very ugly, because the breadcumbs tag (trail) does not. Is there a way to disable the very last separator? ---
Q. Hi, is there a way of turning off the titles on each page?
A. If you mean the <title> tag, you need to change the formatting in header.jsp to remove the title. If you mean the bold title on the page next to the logo, that get's changed inside of the "skin" that you are using. In the case of the default pages it's also in header.jsp
-- FosterSchucker
Q. Hi I have had jspwiki running fine on a tomcat 4 server on my local machine but when others access it over the network all images all missing, for example the wiki logo at the top left of the screen. ---

Q. okay I'm having trouble deleting a page with an attachment. I click on the delete entire page button, it gives me the permanent warning and I proceed. Then it fails 3 times and gives me the Tomcat authentication error. The password I'm using matches the master password one in the file. I'm pretty sure that i left the user name as admin, is there any way i can check what the user name is or do you know what could be wrong with the delete file part and failing that how do i manually delet a page? Thanks in advance.

Q. If you take the rss produced by jspwiki and feed it to the Firefox browser and supply an XSL stylesheet, it will not render unless you remove the xmlns="" namespace declaration from the top. How come? And is there a way to influence the contents of the rss file without re-compiling the jspwiki Java code?

A: This is a problem with the XSL stylesheeet, not the file. It sounds like the stylesheet is not matching elements in the correct XML namespace. In XSLT 1.0, you need to declare a prefix for the namespace at the top, e.g. xmlns:rss="", and then match the elements using that prefix, e.g. match="rss:p" instead of match="p". Unfortunately, the prefix must be used for every element in that namespace appearing in XPath in your stylesheet (which could be a lot). This is an XSLT FAQ, not a problem with jspwiki.

Question: Is there a way to have the LeftMenu update with a link to any recently added pages? What I mean is, is it possible to have the menu automatically update witha link to each new page as it is added. Otherwise, it seems I have to search to find what's in my Wiki. Any help is much appreciated.

A: You could just use the RecentChangesPlugin, I suppose.

Question: How do I enable logging for class ShortURLConstructor?

A: Say "" in your

R: OK, full class name then (should read log4j docs... Bad, bad user :P)

Question: How to modify the format of the date everywhere in JSPWiki (attachment info, page info, ...)? There is a Plugin (DateModifiedPlugin), but I do not know where to add INSERT DateModifiedPlugin.

Answer: Hmm... ok, I searched the changelog and there is a new attribute for PageDate (format) since version 2.2.9.

Question: I am using JBOSS and managed to get authentication working using the web.xml <security-constraint> to specify pages that need authentication. However, once I authenticate, wiki automatically changes my user preference to match the userID I used to authenticate. I don't want this to be so. I would like to have one username for logging in and then have the ability to specify the name that shows up on last modified info for pages I edit. How can this be done? Thanks, JC

Answer: If you are using JSPWiki 2.2.x, this is correct behavior. The JSPWiki 2.3.x branch does something similar, but if you set up a wiki profile it will use the user's full name or wiki name for 'last modified' page info. --Andrew Jaquith

Question: Trying to create a new JSP page that I can control access to through the container (tomcat users), but I would like to include WikiMarkup in that page (specifically NewPageHandler) using the TranslateTag. I keep getting various errors, but mostly 'Tag failed, check logs: WikiContext may not be NULL' trying various methods.
How do I (can I?) create a new jsp page containing WikiMarkup that can be accessed directly? (eg.

You need to create a WikiContext and save it in your session. Like this

<%@ page import="com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiEngine" %>
<%@ page import="com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiContext" %>
<%@ page import="com.ecyrd.jspwiki.tags.WikiTagBase" %>

    WikiEngine  wiki = WikiEngine.getInstance( getServletConfig() );
    WikiContext wikiContext = wiki.createContext( request, WikiContext.VIEW );

    pageContext.setAttribute( WikiTagBase.ATTR_CONTEXT,
                              PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE );

This is normally done by all the front JSP pages. If you want to create your own JSP pages, you need to find a WikiEngine and put it in the PageContext.

-- JanneJalkanen

Question: What causes these frequent Tomcat catalina.log messages "INFO: Illegal access: this web application instance has been stopped already."? I do not want to disable INFO level logging, so it would be nice to stop the root of the problem. I tried disabling RSS and Lucence and they still keep coming out. The full log entry looks like this: May 8, 2005 9:34:09 PM org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader loadClass INFO: Illegal access: this web application instance has been stopped already. Could not load org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLReaderFactory. The eventual following stack trace is caused by an error thrown for debugging purposes as well as to attempt to terminate the thread which caused the illegal access, and has no functional impact.

A: I found this explanation from web: It is possible that this is caused by Tomcat unsuccessfully reloading the web application. The app is unloaded, but all threads don't get shut down properly. As a result, when the threads try to run, they get clobbered by the fact that Tomcat has shut down its classloader, and an error is logged. The best fix is to turn off automatic webapp reloading for the application: in Tomcat's server.xml, find the <Context> declaration, and ensure it is set to: reloadable="false"

Question: I have some 500 pages existing in a mysql database which I want to port to jspwiki. How can I go about doing it ?

A: You could probably write a plugin to do it. Implement the WikiPlugin, use the WikiContext to get the WikiEngine, and use its saveText function to save the page and its content as a WikiPage. See SayHelloPlugin, and the Javadocs.

I'm attempting to use the Wiki page rename patch presented on this site at RenamePagePatch. However, when I tried the patches, none seemed to correctly work. Which patch is the most recent? It is still buggy or did I just mess up incorporating it into my JSPWiki? Thanks for the time and help.

Exporting Wiki on CD#

Hello! I've a question about exporting a Wiki. I would like to save the Wiki with it contents on a CD. Anybody, who receives the CD should be able to access the contents without installing the wiki. Is there any solution? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. alexej

A: You can mirror the entire Wiki with wget. See wget at Wikipedia.

I have tried this with a JSPWiki-based Wiki using the following command:

wget -m -k -K -e robots=off -o ./wget.log

As the page info for each Wiki article includes links to previous versions, the wget command shown here grabs many, many files.

IE problem with login over https#

I am running the jspwiki on tomcat with a self certificate and password requirement for access. The wiki works fine with Fire Fox but it keeps asking for the password with IE 6 and never lets the user in. This is in the MemoryRealm. Any clues where I should look (and yes, I do recommend that my users switch. :-) ) would be appreciated...

This is not really an answer, but I noticed the same issue and found that if you cancel at the first challenge and then log in it works... >woody

I want to allow all users of my website to be able to create their own personal home page (that you can access from any wikis in the site). Each person visits several team(wikis). The current logon/preferences item on the left menu puts users under each wiki. Instead of having several copies of a home page under multiple wikis, I want to create a separate
page for each user - so that the User Preferences .jsp checks for and (if exists) is a link to the

I already have LDAP authentication working, so I don't need the standard logon box. I want to put this link/check in place of that login box.

How can I make a modification to UserPreferences.jsp so that this type of link is always shown on the left menu of all the wikis under mysite? (and they all reference Users instead of the current wiki?)

Right now I have one wiki per team. Teams come and go, and I don't want the users to loose their home pages when this happens. As wikis come and go, and people sometimes belong to several groups. I want the Users wiki to be a permenant place where all users go to find their own home page. Is there a way to do that? Thanks a bunch!
Don Rota


security manager policy#

Running JSPWiki with tomcat's security manager enabled returns an error 500, see the attached error.htm. I found an example policy on FAQErrors , which I adapted for my site as follows:
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/-" {
permission java.util.PropertyPermission "user.dir", "read";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/logs/*", "read";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/logs/*", "write";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/pages", "read";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/pages", "write";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/pages/*", "read";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/pages/*", "write";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/*", "read";
permission "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/*", "write";
As a result, I'm getting "An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp."

If I relax the policy completely (effectively turning off the security manager), like this:

grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/JSPWiki/-" {

I can see the Main page of my JSPWiki. The only problem left is: "Referenced by

Plugin insertion failed: Plugin failed"

Now how would the policy have to look like to make JSPWiki work with minimal permissions?

How do I get the backlinks back?


Timon aka st0kes

Um. JSPWiki does not (yet) work with JAAS security. I have no idea how this is supposed to work... --JanneJalkanen

Thank you for your reply! I use JSPWiki without the security manger now. Tomcat is unprivileged in a chroot anyway, meaning if I want to be sure two users can't interfere, I'll just set up another tomcat.

Regarding the backlinks I found out this was a different problem alltogether. Reinstalling JSPWiki fixed it, whatever it was.

JSPWiki does run with the security manager... except for one problem which I don't yet understand:

Error Message
Place where detected
    com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.user.AbstractUserDatabase.getHash(), line 215 

Any java/classloader gurus out there? This HexUtils class is inside JSPWiki.jar, and I think that might be the problem as org.apache.* has some magic protection.

The above policy entries are a bit odd... I think I've nailed it down a bit better.

The problem is becuase JSPWiki is reusing a classname from org.apache which causes a classloading problem normally only seen in weblogic. IMHO its a bit dumb doing this. This chap has already hit the problem and hacked a solution This is a bug.

PS The request new password logic, where this problem manifests itself, is also a tad awry, it sends out the email with the new password before storing it! So the log messages saying its successfully updated and sent the password is wrong, another bug, sorry. PPS If you

  1. retrieve from subversion
  2. rename the package of HexUtils to org2..... and change in AbstractUserDatabase,
  3. then ant war (for linux)
  4. You get a new war file, then have to give write permissions ...
   permission "/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/BridgeClubWiki/WEB-INF/", "read,write";
   permission "/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/BridgeClubWiki/WEB-INF/userdatabase.xml", "read,write";
   permission "/var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/BridgeClubWiki/WEB-INF/userdatabase.xml.old", "read,write,delete";

spoke to soon, next problem is cant logon with new password ...

well maybe not I may have used the wrong password, been to that request screen a lot of times :-), I also added ...

   permission "getProperty.policy.allowSystemProperty", "read";

since I noticed the error in the jspwiki.log

This is a severity 1 bug, its not usable in a security enabled environment.

Nice URLs#

Is there a way to tweak JSPWiki into using nice URLs i.e. without "?page=PageName" rather like SnipSnap does it (e.g. ""). a) because it would look nicer b) because many search engines don't index dynamic pages.

And if yes: can we even have a nested namespace (dont' know if that's the right word) like ""?

Thanks - --HeikoHaller

You have to manually change the WikiEngine.getViewURL() method at the moment, but this feature is on the near-future roadmap. SubPages will also be available. --JanneJalkanen

This feature has now been enabled in the current CVS branch, and it should be available in 2.2 --JanneJalkanen

Question: How to use dynamic submenu-Items in the LeftMenu page of JSPWiki?
I tried the dropDownList CSS of the BrushedTemplate.

I 've changed my jspwiki.css and jspwiki.js according the Intructions on BrushedTemplateDropDownMenu but the class dropDownList is not created:


is not replaced by <div id="topMenu" class="dropDownList">........ When I put the same here on this page it is replaced by the DIV-tag above. Has anybody an idea what I did wrong?

--Thanks Monika

Question: where to place applets classes, when you embed html code in your wiki pages?
When you enable html in your wiki, you should be able to call them with the appropriate <applet ...> instruction.
I tried --JSPWiki/WEB-INF/classes--, but I still get an "applet not found" --AlainRavet
VersioningFileProviders store old pages, but is there any information on how to get at old pages? I use RCSFileProvider and I can go to the RCS and hack it about manually if necessary, but some notes would be useful, e.g. Someone's filled a page with spam and I want to go back to version 1.4. I guess I just have delete all the bad versions and check out the last good version. I assume there's no support for branching from the last good version an no admin interface to allow you to recover stuff via the Wiki itself?


You can click the "More info..." link, select the version of the page you want to restore, click the "Restore this Version" page, and save it back. Unless I misunderstood your question. --MichaelGentry

Question: I want to insert a custom tag library to support our site menu system (DHTML) to be across the top of all pages, but I can't find the right jsp page or insert file to modify. Which one(s) do you suggest? I need one in the <head> to load the js the other in the <body> to display the menu.
Question: I'm trying to get attachments to work. The upload dialogs appear to work and the JSPWiki appears to be touching the Tomcat configured temp directory (which I had to resecure), but nothing ends up either in the final directory configured in the properties or the temp. The JSPWiki log file indicates the file couldn't be opened. Any ideas of where to look next, or what to do? Thanks,

Question: I moved my jspwiki to a new server. Now, after editing, when I preview I see the change, when I "save" nothing happens. I looked at the jspwiki.log and see this:

2004-08-23 19:47:28,841 [http-8080-Processor25] INFO JSPWiki StarWiki:SandBox - Editing page SandBox. User=null, host=
2004-08-23 19:47:36,566 [http-8080-Processor25] INFO JSPWiki StarWiki:SandBox - Saving page SandBox. User=null, host=
2004-08-23 19:47:36,609 [http-8080-Processor25] ERROR com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.VersioningFileProvider StarWiki:SandBox - Saving failed /wiki/OLD/SandBox/1.txt (No such file or directory)

Now to be fair, it is not there, but I do not know whether it should be, or something should have created it or what? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Q1: When I run apache as a proxy for Tomcat, localhost ( is the only ip ever logged. Of course, I can manage using the apache logs, but is there a way around this?

Q2: Also, the trail does not show up when behind the proxy. Fixable?


JSPWiki disk space problem#

We have a second physical 80GB drive which stores the JSPwiki files of which are currently 1.5GB. The OS drive is 4GB in capacity. The problem is that the JSPWiki files on the data drive seem to be appearing in another form on the OSDrive under Administrator/LocalSettings/Temp. Therefore the OS drive has 1.5GB of JSPWiki files as well. If I delete them from the OS drive, they re-appear after the Wiki is next used. This is causing the OS drive to run out of space. Any ideas on why this is occuring and/or how to get around it?

Q: I am completely unable to find the code which enables back linking I see that this version, running 2.0.52-cvs has backlinks in the left navbar, but in the 2.0.52i version, there's nothing like that in the leftnav. I have created my own left bar, but without knowing how to call the backlinks, I'm currently stuck without this most useful of wiki features. :)


A: I found my own answer through some research: The BackLinks feature is done through the ReferringPagesPlugin, one of the JSPWiki Core Plugins. I used the InsertPage function (in the tag library) to put the ReferringPagesPlugin into its own page, which is pulled into the ViewTemplate.jsp. --JesseWilbur

Q: Okay, I've looked and came up dry. How /do/ I enable RSS for my site? In case you go in for this kind of thing, the, er, user requirement is this : I want to be able to blog, so I worked out how to do that. I'd *also* like to have a mailing list, because people can just follow changes passively then. I'd like to be able to generate some of the mailing list content out of the blog, and other changes to the site, rather than having to go around and look for updated content. It seems like RSS can achieve this for me. I found some references to mystical tags to add to the template files, and something about "enabling" ... and I've gone cross-eyed.

Q: What is the proper etiquette for posting a new message on a wiki discussion page? My instinct tells me to add a new thread at the top of the page where it can be viewed without scrolling, but some of the discussion pages on this site appear to run from old (top) to new (bottom). Can we choose a convention and include it on the WikiEtiquette page?

Lance D Bader

Q: Is it possible to add a comment to a version when you change something (for pages as well as for attachments) as seen on wikipedia?

-- ChristianEy

A: Not currently, but it would be a nice feature. If added, it would also be nice to see the comments shown in the recent changes/etc. --MichaelGentry

Q: Is there any way to escape the interpretation of a numerical link as a footnote, in order to have Wiki pages with all numerical names? In other words, I created a page named 200403, but can't link to it because the Wiki thinks [200403] is an attempt to create a footnote.
Hmm, not that I've come across, we had some pages like that that were relly dates and used a shortened english month name in them like [2004 Mar 04]. You could put a dash in or after the number, that would force a page link rather than a footnote. Like 2004-03 or 200403- but that's a little wierd.
So I guess that's a kind of a bug—a string of digits is a valid WikiName for which the markup cannot generate a link.

Q - How do I upgrade to 2.0.49 from 2.0.45? The instructions only account for manual update from 2.0.39 and earlier.

A - See UpgradingJSPWiki

Q - What is a plugin?

A - Does JSPWikiPlugins answer that? If not, let us know.

Q - Is there a wiki notation to add the current date and time in a wiki page?
Is there a plugin for that?
Thanks! (ch)
A - You mean like 29-Jan-2023 04:38? See JSPWikiPlugins for more information (such as how to format it). --MichaelGentry

Q - I've seen it written that JSPWiki takes some time to initially load, but that once it does it runs pretty fast. What does this mean? What is loading? Where is it loading? --MatthewSimpson

A - JSPWiki uses most of the startup time to go through all of the pages and builds a list of all the links on those pages. This allows the BackLinks feature to work, since then we know which pages link where. It also allows us to build the UndefinedPages and UnusedPages. Another thing is that Java and the servlet container (like Tomcat) take a bit of time to start up, too.

Q - After doing this once, what would cause this list to be lost? Does it need to be rebuilt? How often? Why?
A - The rebuilding of the list only happens when the web server is started (or restarted). After that, we just track changes to all pages, so things are pretty fast. BTW, if you're using Tomcat, then it is possible to start just JSPWiki without starting the whole web server, which is a bit faster. See the manager app documentation. The list is lost when the server is shut down because the current implementation does not save the index. Saving would require a consistency check on restart, otherwise possible manual additions/removals of pages would confuse the indexing.
Q - Does all this happen on the server? (i.e. index is maintained on the server?
A - Yes.
Q - Why is the indexing information not persisted?
A - In JSPWiki 2.2 it is automatically persisted, but not in earlier versions. The first start can be a bit slow, though.

Q - I'm running on Linux with Tomcat as the servlet container. If I want to backup my Wiki do I just backup my Wiki directory tree and the Wiki page store? Do I have to backup anything RCS-wise to preserve the integrity of the site if it has to be restored. (I really know nothing about RCS right now and am operating on faith that it is there and doing what its supposed to do.)

A - Yes, just back up all the contents of the page store. If you want to have a backup copy of the JSPWiki code and your settings, then back up your webapps/<your wiki name> directory as well.

Q: Variables inside templates call and wikitags#

To construct the current page adress and pass it to a cookie, I need the jsp context (edit, view, attach,...), and load it into a variable:

      <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="view">
         <% String monContext="Helloview2"; %>
Of course, it's seems I cannot use a <% String ...%> inside a <wiki:xx ..> Can someone tell me how to do it ?


Yes, you should be able to use <%...%> inside other tags. See templates/default/FindContent.jsp for an example. Though if I am guessing correctly what you are trying to do... Wouldn't it be much easier to do in JavaScript?


Q: where to find a template for EditPageHelp.jsp to copy it into my tree?

A: It's not a JSP page, it's a page called EditPageHelp in the

Q: How do you allow raw html in wbepages?#

I've been reading through the help files and the text formatting files and can't find it. I've found references to the fact that it has been added on these pages: WikiMarkupDevelopment and AllowingRawHTML but there is no link to any page telling you how to actually start using raw html...

A: Please see Allowing Raw HTML now for the instructions.

Q: What's the easiest way to be able to color cells in a table?#

A: Have a look at BrushedTemplateListTable and then use some %% markers inside the cell - only available in 2.1.86 version. Your page could have following text:

   * row1-item1
   * %%(color:pink)
   * row1-item3
   * next row data1
   * next row data2
   * next row data3
-- DF

Q: Very long WikiPage names?#

What would you suggest to deal with very long WikiPage names (e.g. >50 characters). Such names break down my whole page design. I am thinking about something like: Have entry in the jspwiki.properites like maxpagenamelength. You allow page names of arbitrary length, but display only first maxpagenamelength characters with concatenated "..." trailing. In such a case, the usability (it is possible to have several WikiPages with names starting with the same string of length maxpagenamelength) may be improved with names rendering that would generate something like "title" HTML attribute displaying full name.

Any suggestion to deal with such names without changing code? If my question makes sense please let me know what is the right place in code to make the change? How I contribute the change back?

-- MTosic Oct.20.2004

Here's an idea: rather than eliding part of the name, use maxpagenamelength to alter the class attribute to a different value, perhaps a series of values, which in the CSS would gradually shrink the font size, e.g.,

  <style type='text/css'>
   .pagename1 { font-size : 300%; }
   .pagename2 { font-size : 250%; }
   .pagename3 { font-size : 200%; }
   .pagename4 { font-size : 150%; }
   .pagename5 { font-size : 100%; }
  <h1 class='%%pagename%%'>My Page</h1>
This way, the title is always readable, and isn't altered (which is essentially a re-title of the document, which might confuse both humans and computers). -- MurrayAltheim

I would like to change the logo in the header to our company's logo and have it link to our main website instead of the SiteLogoRedirect page. Here is the snippet of code I found:
      <wiki:LinkTo page="SiteLogoRedirect">
        <img border="0" src="images/SiteLogo.gif">
Without becoming a wiki whiz, what is the quick mod of code to redirect it to an arbitrary address? I think I know how to change the image, i.e.

        <img border="0" src="images/MyImage.gif">

and put the image in the images directory.

Q: How to integrate JSPWiki into struts site?#

I would like to integrate JSPWiki into an existing Struts site that uses Struts tiles. The idea is to reuse tiles layout pages. I created a tiles definition for Wiki.jsp and added a struts Action "/". Now if I invoke "/", it works fine. That is, wiki page gets rendered with my site's layout. However, I realized that the wiki links still refer to "/Wiki.jsp". Looking into the source code ( tells me that "Wiki.jsp" and "Edit.jsp" names are hard coded in it.
    public String getViewURL( String pageName )
        pageName = encodeName( pageName );
        String srcString = "%uWiki.jsp?page=%p";

        srcString = TextUtil.replaceString( srcString, "%u", m_baseURL );
        srcString = TextUtil.replaceString( srcString, "%p", pageName );

        return srcString;
        if( pageName == null )
            return m_baseURL+"Wiki.jsp";

        return m_baseURL+"Wiki.jsp?page="+encodeName(pageName);


     *  Returns the basic URL to an editor.
     *  @since 2.0.3
    public String getEditURL( String pageName )
        return m_baseURL+"Edit.jsp?page="+encodeName(pageName);

I am using JSPWiki v 2.1.115 alpha. Any plans to move them to file ?


Q: I keep getting the following message on all pages -
"This page last changed on Wed Nov 13 16:44:27 EST 2002 by unknown."
Why isn't the "unknown" changed to the username I've logged in as ? My username does showup in the left menu as - "G'day Hellowiki" (FYI I am using VersioningFileProvider).

Q: "My provider forces all servlets to be in a /servlets directory. I reset the servlet-mappings to /servlets/attach for the attachments servlet. However, the attachment was still not being attached."

Partial solution is to edit the UploadTemplate.jsp and the InfoContent.jsp to include /servlets as part of the URL. The next part is to recompile the to have the prefix /servlets before the "attact" servlet. See: FileUploadProblems for more information.

Q: When I press the Upload button when adding an attachment I get an HTTP Status 404 - JSPwiki/attach Error. It complains that JSPwiki/attach is not available. There is in fact no such directory. I installed Tomcat 5.5.4 and JSPwiki v2.0.52 on Windows 2000. So far everything else works fine. I looked through the kit for JSPwiki that I downloaded and could find no such directory in any zip or .war. What am I missing?

I set the AttachmentProvider.storageDir to be the same as the page dir.

Tony Lekas

A: I had the JSPwiki directory under webapps/ROOT rather than webapps. ooops!

Q: I put up a question on the WebLogPlugin a few weeks back but didn't get a response there, I guess nobody reads that page :-) The question was that log entries seem to disappear after a few days. I've tried setting the days parameter to all in WebLogPlugin and WebLogEntry but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Anyone any ideas? I'm using the stable version 2.0.52 --Chris Harris, 21 Dec 2004

A: I used this code as template for my AlsForumPlugin; I can not see any all in the code; but for me, appending &weblog.days to the url (or days=100 to the config) together with a startDate in ddMMyy-format seems to work. --Al

Q: What do you mean by "the config"? Do you mean the page where you insert the [{INSERT WeblogPlugin days=100}] ? I don't have that many entries but what is the max days that you can display?

Your AlsForumPlugin looks good.

A: Thanks! Yes I mean this. The days say "show only pages that are in that time frame", which is the start time + 100 days (ohh- possibly backwards ?)

Q: If I make a link such as [About Us] the page produced will get titled "AboutUs". Is there no way to let the spaces and words remain in the page title?

A: Can you tell me/us the problem you are trying to solve? Even though the page is titled AboutUs it is shown as About Us to the user. (Assuming you have the property jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces = true.) --Foster Schucker

Q2: OK, jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces was set to false, setting it to true helps in this case. The problem now is that every word has to be capitalised to make breaks, which isn't always what you want, especially not in other languages than English. We would need a more advanced way to control this.

A2: I'm afraid there is none. This is very difficult to do without changing the whole way the wiki works. It will probably be done in 3.0. Many Finns have worked out ways to deal with this, so I would assume these ways work in other languages as well.

Answer to answer: Let's put it on the wishlist.

OK Here's my simple question - in the file structure there is an /images folder with some basic .png files. How do I get these into my page??? I am assuming some sort of LINK syntax will get me there but I cannot work it out. I am a Wiki newbie and an Windows escapee so some UNIX stuff leaves me wondering. I can get images 'from the web' onto my wiki pages but I'm looking to put up something more local ;)

Q. When I try to put images in my page I get a "Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin Image" message instead of the image. I followed the LinuxInstall but instead of using java 1.4.0_03 I used java 1.4.2_07, and instead of SUSE I used Fedora Core 3. Would this cause the error? Seems more like a path issue. I'm able to attach files just fine. And able to view them when clicked. But can't load the Image plugin. - StoneBrooks A. I downloaded JSPWiki again and replaced all the jar files. I guess this really was a stupid question. - StoneBrooks
Q. Is there anything available to make the search engine look inside ascii text and DOC attachments??
Q. What's the file format of the README file? I cannot proceed using Wiki without that!!

A. It's in ASCII. Really. However, if you opened the README file in a text editor that isn't Unix-savvy (like Notepad), it'll look like a big block of unformatted text. You should have better luck if you open it in WordPad or a RealTextEditor - ChrisCiulla

Q. How do you escape the double underscore to publish text that contains a double underscore ? For instance, I want to publish a text that talks about symbols in an executable and mention symbol names that do have a double underscore.
Q. How do you un-attach or update an attachment ?
A. See FAQAttachments
Q. How do i enable commenting(i dont want the whole page to be editable)?

A. Using the <security-constraint>-section of web.xml. Prevent access to "Edit.jsp", but allow access to "Comment.jsp". You may also want to add a link to Comment.jsp in your PageContent.jsp -file.

Q. How do i prevent users from editting documents if they don't provide a username in UserPreferences?

A: Completely preventing is difficult, but you can use the following code around the "Edit this page" -links:

   <wiki:UserCheck status="known">
      <wiki:EditLink>Edit this page</wiki:EditLink>.

Colored text not working#

Q. I have tried coloring text using the hints from the HowToColorText page, but the interpretter just spits out the formatting characters into the text. Why can't I get my text to appear colored?

A: You must be using JSPWiki 2.2. 2.0 does not have colored text.

Using Raw HTML on in JSPWiki on Unix#

Q. Is there a know issue with switching Raw HTML on, when JSPWiki is deployed in a Unix environment? The same app works on Windows, but not in Unix??? Can any one help. I am using JSPWiki v2.0.52.

Issues with skin flag#

Q. I want to use the skin parameter to specify a non-default template simply through an URL request. I'd like typical users to see the default template, but I have an app with an embedded browser that I want to have using a customized template. When explicitly requested, the template is used and everything is great, but the Links that are generated do not include the skin parameter. Otherwise, than creating new tags or manually creating the links in my template, is there an easy way to retain an existing template setting? ---

RCS keywords#

Q. I'm trying to set up pages with code templates which can be copy/pasted off our wiki into editors. Part of these templates is the code header which includes keyword tags like Log, Revision etc (surrounded by quotes). Of course, RCS substitutes these keywords for the current stored version. - how annoying, I've tried editing the ci / co commands in, but this does not work for the Log keyword. I've seen it suggested that ' ' wiki tags are used, but the page format I'm using has the templates in <pre> tags, so the ' ' tags are not applied. Is there a nice way of 'escaping' the keyword tags.

A: There really is no nice workaround for that, I'm afraid. I would recommend that you use VersioningFileProvider - it's much faster anyway, if you do a lot of changes.

A: Replace the jspwiki_logo.png with your own. Or change the 'jspwiki.css' to point at your own logo.

Q. I created a form using FormPlugin and after the form is created, I tried to make changes to that form. Why does the update button not work. Attempted update to existing forms does do anything. I am using jspwiki version 2.2.20(stable) #

Q. Please explain how the search function in Wiki? I am aware of findContent.jsp, Search.jsp, FindPage but I do not know how they interact when we do search?#

A: FindPage is a redirect to Search.jsp. Search.jsp then renders its contents using ViewTemplate.jsp and FindContent.jsp.

Q: JRE compatibility#

What part of JSPWiki exactly needs jre1.4? Is it possible to bring the current stable version to work with 1.3.1? We would like to run JSPWiki on our (rather old) Websphere installation, but don't know which version would the one with the most bugfixes and is still running smoothly. We could easily drop support for some things, e.g. attachment search, etc... Any ideas? (Wishlist: a compatibility package like Tomcat is offering for 1.4 instead of 1.5 would be great :-)

Content Staging#

I'd like to provide a way for any user to edit a page (versioning), but not replace the "approved" version unless a content administrator has reviewed the changes first... Does anyone have any recommendations for how to do that? Thanks in advance! -- Woody

Q: Can anyone tell me how to delete attachments? There are a number around and I am a bit nervous of them: some are definitely not supposed to be there AndrewCates

A: Send email to the admin and I'll remove them (from this wiki).


Q: What could possibly make the question mark disappear? From the time I upgraded to JSPWiki v2.2.20, newly created pages get no questionmark. They look exactly like links to existing pages -- MartinErlandsson

A: In 2.2, we use stylesheets to do the markup - the question mark is gone from the code. Take a look at the jspwiki.css, and add the CSS for "editlink".

Q: The PageName tag (<wiki:PageName/>)doesn't seem to be working properly from a JSP I am using in a plug-in. It only returns the Page Name found in the jspwiki.frontPage property, not the actual Page Name that is calling the JSP. - Thanks.

A: You need to make sure that the JSP you are calling has the same WikiContext by passing it either directly or in the HttpSession.

Q: How can I add simple indentation without having to use the asterik (which adds a bullet point)? I just want to be able to indent paragraphs, but blank spaces appear to be removed from the text (just like html).

You mean like this? Just use the ~;: -sequence. Another possibility is to use CSS, like this:
%%(margin-left: 10em;)
See, this is very indented?


Q: I have been thru the documentation for WikiFormsExample.. but I still don't understand it. I setup a test page RobSchramm .. Are there any better examples of a fully functioning Wiki Forms page??

A: See SubmitBugReport.

Q: Is there any particular reason a summary field (like on Wikipedia) does not exist or has it just not yet been implemented? -- ChuckSmith

A: When I first developed the WikiPage and PageProvider interfaces, I completely disregarded the summary. Didn't see it as useful. Now I know better :). However, the real mistake I did was not to pay enough attention to metadata. As such, adding new metadata into a page is currently only mildly less painful than getting your teeth pulled. So far, I've put all this kind of stuff on hold to wait for the great PageProvider redesign, soon coming to a mailing list near you... -- JanneJalkanen


Q: I have a requirement to set up a form, which when it is submitted, saves the output as a new page adding it to the content list taking a project name as the link and new file name, leaving the original form unaltered. Anyone any good ideas on how to achieve this? I'm on a very short timeframe to achieve this, which is Why JSPWiki seems the best solution.

A: Sorry I missed this... I would look into the BugReportHandler and just copy and change it a bit. It should do pretty much what you want already.

-- JanneJalkanen

Q: I want attachements to be opened in new window how can it be done

A: The attachment list or the attachment itself? If the latter, then that is very browser-specific behaviour...

Q: I need to know where JSPWiki stores the raw text of topic pages. Is it stored as text files, or as objects in a database? What folders should be backed up?

This feels like a stupid question because it really should be in the documentation, but I can't find it anywhere obvious.

A: By default, JSPWiki stores the raw text (when using the VersioningFileProvider, FileSystemProvider, BasicAttachmentProvider, or RCSFileProvider) in a single folder, and a bunch of subfolders. So you can back up just that one directory.

However, it's possible for JSPWiki to also use a database, using e.g. the JDBCProvider, and thus you need to apply normal database backup procedures. See your file to see which one you have configured.

Q: I am having a problem with the weblog plugin. I recently moved the filesystem that has all of my wiki pages in it. After the wiki came back up after the move, all the weblog dates became the date of the move. The entries are displayed in the correct order and the NAME_blogentry_DDMMYY_1.txt entries still have the proper dates within the name of each .txt file... but all the weblog entries are displayed with 14-Dec-2005 20:04

<div class="weblogentryfooter">
By AnonymousCoward&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="Wiki.jsp?page=RobBlog_blogentry_031105_1">Permalink</a></div>
<div class="weblogentry">
<div class="weblogentryheading">
14-Dec-2005 20:04</div>
Note the RobBlog_blogentry_031105_1 in the Permalink has the correct date.. but the <div class="weblogentryheading"> 14-Dec-2005 20:04</div> has the wrong date.

Any help would be appreciated. -RobSchramm

A: I think I see the problem. The weblog plugin is using the date/time on the file.txt instead of the date in the filename. --RobSchramm, 03-Jan-2006

That wasn't it. Looks like it is the OLD/file directory that determins the time.

A The first version of the page determines the date of the weblog entry. You probably have accidentally touched the repository, or moved the pages, and thus they all have the same creation date.

Q: Is it possible to get a list of plugin objects from all plugins on a page? Something like WikiPlugin[] plugins = engine.getAllPluginsOnPage(mypage). Or is possible to get a plugin instance by just having the plugin string? This could be something like WikiPlugin plugin = engine.getPluginInstance(pluginCodeAsString)

Reason: If it is a plugin I wrote myself I can cast them and use public functions of the plugin object instead of parsing the plugin code.

A The former, no, not really (unless you have access to the DOM tree in 2.3.x). The latter is a bit difficult too; check out PluginManager.parsePluginLine() (again, 2.3.x). But it does not instantiate the plugin, since that is deferred until rendering phase.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of attachments a wiki page may have? Am I limited by the number of files allowed in a Windows directory? I may have as many as 50,000 attachments. Also, what if I had 100,000 or 200,000 attachments in the whole system (not all would exist in the same directory)?

- I moved the brushed conversation to BrushedTemplateDiscussion --DF

Q: How do I trigger a full index by Lucene? I copied some files to my wiki repository (from another wiki instance). but these files/pages do not appear in the search results. only after having done a 'view' on such a page it shows up in the search result...

Is there a way to trigger indexing manually?


Q: I am looking for a way to force a numbered list to start at a particular number. I have a numbered list and I want to use bullets & pre formated text for each section. However, whenever I do this, it resets the number to 1. Here is what I want:
1) This is my first item
  * bullet point one
  * bullet point two
  * bullet point alpha
  * bullet point beta
Here is what I get:
1) This is my first item
  * bullet point one
  * bullet point two

  * bullet point alpha
  * bullet point beta
So, my thought was that I could use something like #=2 or #:2 to force the number to not reset. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I can't find a way around this. :(

Thanx! Richard (richard <dot> hurt <at> yum <dot> com)

Question: How to get the url to a page to be on the form http://mydomain/myWiki/pages/mypage. My Wiki the links are on the form http://www.mydomain/~myWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=myPage

A: Get familiar with the ShortViewURLConstructor documentation.

Question: I can use letters from the extended ascii or UTF-8 charset. But it doesn't work for attachments. What could I be missing?

A: It should work for attachments. It may be a configuration issue in your web server.

Question: Is there a possibility to create HTML meta tags, like 'keywords'?

A: Unfortunately, no. However, if someone wants to create a MetaPlugin, that would be great :)

Q: I receive the following error when I try to change the template. I have tried brushed template as well as the buttonmentu2 template

Do you know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

JSPWiki has detected an error
Error Message 
/templates/ButtonMenu2/commonheader.jsp(17,2) No tag "IncludeResources" defined in tag library imported with prefix "wiki" 
Place where detected 
com.ecyrd.jspwiki.tags.IncludeTag.doEndTag(), line 74 

--AnonymousCoward, 03-Mar-2006

A: Your JSPWiki version is not compatible template. IncludeResources is used only in 2.3...

-- JanneJalkanen

Q: Is there a tool to export flat file wiki data ? I can't find much on exporting data here.

thanks in advance, Soumya.

Q: JSPWiki handles links to "Some page" as links to "SomePage". I want to do the same in my plugin, so I need a method which converts "Some page" to "SomePage". This functionality must already exist somewhere in the JSPWiki code, but I couln't find it.

A: Look at TranslatorReader.cleanLink() (or on 2.3, MarkupParser.cleanLink().

How can you link to specifc section on a page? I'm currently using:

[Business Contacts|http://lhssxxxx.lxxxxxhs/irwiki/Wiki.jsp?page=CScript#section-CScript-BusinessContacts] 

But I've been told that we may be switching servers and we can't always rely on this full path.

I've tried more than several variations on what I thought should be the answer:

[Business Contacts|CScript#section-CScript-BusinessContacts]

But cannot get one to work.

Any Help??

--AnonymousCoward, 29-Mar-2006


Just using


should do the trick!

-- JanneJalkanen

Q: Using of JSPWiki#

I have installed JSPWiki under a Tomcat 5.5 webserver. I would use it for my web application (that is under Tomcat too). How can I do it?

Q: I'd like to create a WIKI and use it as a content mgmt system. This may sound like a dumb question, but then I'm in the stupid question section... so, this document has multiple sections, each maintained by a different person. I'd need to be able to print multiple sections at once, similar to creating a PDF and printing. Can you do that with a WIKI? --thanks


Q: Either in creating a developement area, or making a second wiki, is there some special steps with paths and the groups (lost access when un-tar'd the wiki on another server) - path was slight different - but changed that in the jspwiki.properities.

Basicall the site claims I have no access to pages where I put ACLs.


--Bruce E Hayward, 11-May-2006

_A_ - Figured it out - you do not want to have both jsp files for JSPWiki v2.3.92-alpha with JSPWiki v2.4.0-beta jsp files in a reachable path - most of your JSPWiki v2.3.92-alpha Wiki becomes forbidden.

- out of desparation I deleted all but my JSPWiki v2.3.92-alpha wiki and it started to work again. Putting a 24 war and restarting tomcat will break access on the 23 wiki (I use ACLs)


--Bruce E Hayward, 12-May-2006

Hi! I installed JSPWiki to be used by my development group, and everything seems to be great. I only have one issue; I'm sure the cause is that I've overlooked something, and I was not able to find anything about it on this site.

The problem occurs when I create a new user profile. As soon as I login (which happens automatically when you register), I get a Forbidden page. I have not changed the security policy file. It is still at default, and it's located in the WEB-INF folder. I believe the jar is signed properly, and the key file is in that folder as well. Everything else seems to function properly, and since it's only going to be used by my group, authentication is not much of an issue anyway. I wanted to create a user profile to be able to rename pages, but perhaps the answer is to give everyone administrative rights.

What can I do to remedy this issue, before resolving to change the security policy?

Thanks in advance for any information! --Alex, 17-May-2006

Tagged with AnswerMe. 18-May-2006

_Q: I would insert a link to a jsp page (that is in my filesystem's path, like C:\folder\page.jsp) in a wiki page. Is there a plugin or something else to make it? Sincerly, Alessio Niespolo.

Edit Page Help doesn't show anymore... (yes it does, just not at the place it used to be)#

I'm sure that one is stupid: since version 2.4, the edit hints from Edit Page Help do not appear anymore in the edit page. Is it a bug, or a deliberate feature, or a configuration option?

I had the same issue. However, the help pages can be edited to add the original information. --Alex, 18-May-2006

Do you mean, editing the jsp? OK I'm not good at that, but I think I found the place to edit, in the default templates EditContent.jsp. And, as you have guessed by now, my problem was that the text is indeed present, but in a Help tab, whereas I was used to see it at the bottom of the front edit page (hey I warned you this would be stupid :o) !!!)

I'm glad you found it! I never did, so I went and edited the help Wiki page itself (not the jsp). If you go to (I think) that should take you to the help page edit. --Alex, 18-May-2006

Possible bug: incorrect date for second-to-last change in page history#

Hello, on my Wiki (2.4.0), when I edit a page, the last revision (say v2) get stamped with the correct time t2 in the version history in the page info, but the previous revision (v1) gets the same time t2. If I save again, v3 gets the correct time t3, v2 gets t3 too (wrong time), and v1 keeps its t2 (wrong time). And on and on... Older revisions never get their own time right.

This does not occur on this site (engine 2.4.2 as of this writing, 24 may 2006), nor on the sandbox (engine v2.2.26 as of today). Is it a known bug of JSPWiki v2.4.0?

Question: I cannot make a new user profile in UserPreferences page.

I cannot make a new user profile in UserPreferences page. It always shows me "Guest", and userdatabase.xml is empty. I coudn't find about this problem..T_T. Please let me know if there is any solution or any clue on this problem. ( My JSPWiki version is 2.4.6-beta. )

Sincerly, Softegg.

Q: Can the directory and contents of 'files', 'attachments', and 'images' be owned by a user other than tomcat?

I did a chown -R on each of these three directorys with that hope in mind.

Unfortunately there must be more to it as while in the foreground (in the browser) it does not seem to complain, any created, or changed files are not saved.

Eventually I would like to use rsync (have it running under another user) to sync the one JSPWiki with another on a different server.

Tried with Tomcat a bit (as a user) but could not seem to get the key pair in ssh witho9ut a password (done before without efforst on other users) so I am lookng to have the directory and contents of 'files', 'attachments', and 'images' be owned by another user, and rync with that.

Any ideas on how to make this work (hopefully just a configuration change?

Regards Bruce

--Bruce E Hayward, 29-May-2006

Frequent login#

Hello. I set up a wiki to require login to edit pages. However I notice I find myself forced to login a bit too often (approx. twice per hour).

I notice I am still asserted (well, the g'day message remains OK at least). Indeed the JSPWikiAssertedName cookie has a 3 years lifespan, so it doesn't expire for any practical usage scenario, however the JSESSIONID cookie is session-bound.

N.B.: there's a bug opened about a similar problem (though the observation about the cookies differ): Bug Absent Cookie.

Is it due to the container session expiring? In this case, can someone point me to the appropriate setting? My container is Tomcat 5.5.something, on Windows XP, but I don't know how to configure a session timeout (not found in tomcat-docs). Thanks.

-- JérômeDuprez

Q : Is any budy know from where storeAttachment method is called. I want to set some values into attachment varibale, which is send as one of the parameter in storeAttachment method.

Q : Is there a way to customize the way a Weblog looks?

I'm custominzing the Wiki a little for our project, and want a "referenced by" link that takes the reader to a page showing page references. In other words, do not want the list of current page references in the lower-left, but a separate page of references to the original page. (That way I can show a full list rather than the truncated list typically shown on the lower left.) I see that the plug-in takes a page name, but how do I pass the originating page name to the "referenced by" page? I could create a new .jsp just for this purpose, but seems like overkill -- I assume (hope) the standard page plug-ins can handle this.


Please can someone advise on my with JSPWiki not working under Weblogic 910
I am going to have to stop using JSPWiki and migrate to something else as I cannot get any 2.4 version to work with Weblogic910!
-- tewr

Logging in error after creating a login#

I put this under stupid questions cause I expect it is, but cannot see the answer, be it under my nose or not

  1. I clean installed the latest beta (JSPWiki v2.4.15-beta)
  2. I copied over the files directory, images, and attachments from the working JJSPWiki v2.3.92-JSPWiki v2.3.92-alpha (different physical server)
  3. I created one user, with password...

  • Now when I login I get (on the browser):
    • HTTP Status 404 - /JSPWikibh/j_security_check
    • type Status report
    • message /JSPWikibh/j_security_check
    • description The requested resource (/JSPWikibh/j_security_check) is not available.
    • Apache Tomcat/5.0.27

  • If I try to create another userid, there is no place for me to enter a password for the new user

I have read the ChecklistForContainerManagedAuthentication and ContainerManagedSecurityDiscussion, but both are a bit over my head at the moment.
Something is mentioned about not accessing the login page directly (this is a clean install) but am not sure what I changed to cause this error, or with this beta, if I was to change something and did not.

If there is a way (and still using a userid/passwd) to correct this?

Thanks - some of this I think is actually beggining to sink in...

--Bruce E Hayward, 28-Jun-2006

Release plan?#

Is there a release plan for the current beta version(2.4.15)? Or can anyone give a rough estimate on when it becomes stable?

Regards Bo Nielsen - 06-jul-2006

"When it's ready." Actually, there's one big code change that should come in, and that's it. The only thing that's really holding us back is documentation, which is still mostly at 2.2 level. JSPWiki is rather stable. Please help with the doc!

-- JanneJalkanen, 06-Jul-2006

is this possible? page view persmission in container AA#

Q:hi i want my jspwiki to restrict on page level such as only one role users can see the exact page. code as (allow view rolename).

I want this in container managed permission. where everybody can see one page but cannot edit page. default setted by jspwiki 2.4.15 beta. now i want permission for a specific page where only Authenticated role users can see that page but not Asserted users. currently all can see one page, restrictions does not apply. _is this possible_ thanks in advance

A: You should put "ALLOW view Authenticated" on that page. The page-level permissions override what was set in jspwiki.policy, which only sets the default policy.

Q: thanks for that answer. i had done this but still users from Asserted role can see those pages where is had set page view restrictions only for Authenticated. Is this a BUG? -- nil

Very dummie newbie question!

Well, I´ve just installed my wikiTest.jar on tomcat. After configuring it, I tryed to make the first login and I´ve got the 404 error for wikiTest.jsp (that does not exist). My doubt: am I suppose to create all the web pages by hand? Or there is another way to do it so? I´m not figuring out how to create the jsp´s for my wiki.

Thank´s for your attention.

--Rafael, 23-Aug-2006

JSPWiki v2.4.53

My footer looks like This page (revision-2) was last changed on 2/10/06 10:32 AM by Guest

I would like to have something like This page (revision-2) was last changed on 2/10/06 10:32 AM by 111.222.333.444 or This page (revision-2) was last changed on 2/10/06 10:32 AM by mymachine.myserver.local

In the jspwiki.props, I have jspwiki.pageProvider = VersioningFileProvider and = container but with no security (no authentification).


JSPWiki v2.4.53
This is my first JSPWiki experience, and I am not a Java type (one of my coworkers did the install). I am trying to organize things for use by our workgroup, and have been trying some of the features; I have a few questions:
  1. Upon setting my profile, and being unsure just what the ramifications would be if I changed the Wiki Name default (from an IP address), I did not change it. Now everything I do is "signed" with that useless number, and going back to the Profile does not let me change it (or my full name). Is there a way to change these, short of editing the userdatabase.xml file (which I did)?
  2. I added a Group, and was presented with the EditGroup page that allowed me to add additional users, but was never able to get back to that page again (short of using a browser url of .../EditGroup.jsp?group=GroupName). What am I missing?
  3. How can I see a list of my Groups (short of looking in the groupdatabas.xml file)?
  4. How do I remove a group, short of editing the groupdatabase.xml file? (The documentation states that the admin group can do this, but I found no way).
Thanks in advance,

--TerryP, 3-Oct-2006

Q Here is my stupid Question. In our wiki version (JSPWiki v2.4.15-beta) , if we write amphisand e.g. T & C we can see the & ok. if we put the & between characters e.g. T&C the & is missing, leaving TC. Any ideas? thanks, Rich...:)

If in jspwiki.css I copy .myfavorites to .quote it doesn't seem to work, even after restarting Tomcat, this works :

yakety yak

but I wanted to use 'quote':

yakety yak

-- Smithy

Q: Currently use JSPWiki v2.2.16-beta. Will be upgrading to 2.4.56. How do I migrate pages from old version to newer release? -Barbara

After an upgrade to 2.4.5, the ip address of the author is lost. The footer is now This page (revision-96) was last changed on 06-Oct-06 09:25 AM, -0400 by Guest, I would prefer to have something like : This page (revision-96) was last changed on 06-Oct-06 09:25 AM, -0400 by It used to be ok with the previous version (2.2).

In my I have = container and no particuliar security constraint in the web.xml.

--RealGagnon, 06-Oct-2006

A quick fix is to modify templates\editors\plain.jsp (brushed template).

Modify for the COMMENT context to use the IP address :

<td><input type="text" name="author" id="authorname" value="<%= request.getRemoteAddr() %>" /></td>}}
Add hidden field for the EDIT context
<input type="hidden" name="author" id="authorname" value="<%= request.getRemoteAddr() %>" />           

--RealGagnon, 21-Dec-2006

Q: Another stupid question. How do I get JSPWiki to send emails? I've already set and mail.from in but I don't receive any emails when I request for a new password. Are there any other config files that I need modify to enable this feature? I've also checked the log and there doesn't seem to be any error message saying that mail sending failed, etc...

--David, 17-Oct-2006

Question: I have JSPWiki installed on Tomcat and I'm trying to enable container managed security. I have a realm set up in conf/server.xml, and I uncomment the section in web.xml that is labeled "REMOVE ME TO ENABLE CONTAINER-MANAGED AUTH". After that, I can't log in, and I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error message with no other clues. Any ideas?

--AnonymousCoward, 20-Oct-2006

Q: Help! My install won't show page version histories. Every page shows "Current page version: No versions" on the Page Info tabs. I'm running IIS/Tomcat on Windows XP server, version 2.4.71, without a db.

- - edsonm, 4-December-2006

A: Go into WEB-INF/ and change the FileProvider to "VersioningFileProvider"


Q: I have JSPWiki authenticating usernames and passwords from Apache, and now I'm trying to get Groups working from our database. When jspwiki.groupdatabase = com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.XMLGroupDatabase, it can't get info from our database of course, but usernames and passwords with Basic authentication works fine. However, when I set jspwiki.groupdatabase = com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.JDBCGroupDatabase and set all the jspwiki.groupdatabase. values, JSPWiki throws a 404 page error for all pages. My Postgresql log shows "SELECT DISTINCT * FROM group_table" 4 times, but nothing else group related. The last two lines of the JSPWiki log are:
INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.JDBCGroupDatabase  - Opened JDBCGroupDatabase connection.
INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.GroupManager  - Group database initialized.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

-- Tim

To answer my own question, the answer is that not all the jspwiki.groupdatabase.* values were real column names. We don't have all the expected columns, so I made a View and hard coded some. It seems to work fine.

Q: I'm trying to use jspwiki PageIndex plugin. I extracted it (the text files) from the core distribution and placed it under my tomcat webapps/MyWiki. But when i try page=PageIndex, im prompted to create a new page instead of the list of the pages? Can some one help? Is there is anything im missing? The Wiki is running fine but does not seem to pick up the core files. - prakash

Q: I'm interested modifying the way edits are handled on a page. Basically, I want to store the information in a database and a wiki page in a structured manner, using some kind of form if possible. The JSPWiki forms plugin looks almost usable, but I'm not sure how to get the previous page to edit (or if this is even its intended use). Any suggestions about how I might go about this? Thanks. - Nathan

Q: I found out that one can only attach files if logged in. (Otherwise the button doesn't even get displayed.)

I'm using the Wiki just for myself... so I don't need any authentification. Is there any way to allow anonymous-users to attach files??? Does it have anything to do with the jspwiki.policy-file???

--AnonymousCoward, 25-Mar-2007

A: Yes, you are correct, you have to edit the jspwiki.policy file. Within the section containing the following line:

principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Anonymous" {
Add the following line to that section:
permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "upload"; 

For additional info, please see the security documentation.

--David Au, 26-Mar-2007

Q: Is there a way I can get pages automatically submitted to a JSPWiki? The idea I have is that I've got a bunch of servers I need to keep track of patches with. I already have a utility that generates nice HTML that can be hacked to produce Wiki output, but how I can I get it automatically submit a page (or an update to an existing page that would be a complete new copy) to the Wiki?

--ELadner, 27-Mar-2007

Q: (AnswerMe) I have JSP Wiki version 2.4.100 installed and I am having a problem with Authorization. For some reason, despite setting the jspwiki.policy to restrict access to the "edit" action, user's still have access. In fact, it appears that none of the restrictions setup in the jspwiki.policy file are being utilized. I get full "green" bars in the Security diagnostic page ("admin\SecurityConfig.jsp").


  • I am using Tomcat 5.5, Java 1.5
  • I am using Container managed security with the Admin and Authenticated roles. No problems here. Restricting access to the Edit.jsp in the web.xml works. Login works.
  • The "admin\SecurityConfig.jsp" confirms that there are:
    • NO errors locating the jspwiki.policy
    • NO errors using the keystore
    • NO errors parsing the jspwiki.policy
  • The "admin\SecurityConfig.jsp" also locates the custom "BigDaddy" role so I know that it is parsing the correct policy.

Here is my jspwiki.policy file:
REMOVED by Paul Manning on 30-Mar-2007 (see update comment below)

Update - 30-Mar-2007#

Regarding Janne's comment below (made on 3/29), my previous post did not include the complete jspwiki.policy file. The complete file DOES contain the keystore definition. Below is a complete version of my current jspwiki.policy file.

// $Id: jspwiki.policy,v 1.20 2006-07-29 19:15:03 arj Exp $
// This file contains the Java 2 security policy for JSPWiki.
// It provides the permissions rules for the JSPWiki
// environment, and should be suitable for most 
// purposes.
// If you are running your servlet container with a security
// policy already, you should simply append the contents
// of this file to it. Otherwise, you can use this as a
// stand-alone policy, even without running a security manager.
// By default, JSPWiki will load this policy into your web
// container if it detects that no custom policies are being
// used. In most cases, this should work just fine.
// If you want to use your own policy file instead of this default file,
// you will need to specify the location of the policy by setting the
// JVM system property '' in the command line script
// you use to start your web container. The file location should
// be the absolute path to the jspwiki.policy file. For example:
//   java -jar myservletcontainer.jar
// Some servlet containers make this very easy by looking
// for an environment variable and automatically appending
// the contents to the 'java' command. For example, Tomcat
// users just need to set the CATALINA_OPTS variable:
//   export CATALINA_OPTS=""
// In addition, it is typically good practice to store jspwiki.policy
// in the Tomcat config directory (CATALINA_HOME/conf).
// -----------------------------------------------------------
// And now, for the security policy
// JSPWiki signs its own JAR files so that the Java security polcicy knows how
// to resolve our custom Wiki/PagePermissions. The keystore is specified in the
// first line of the file, as shown below. If the path is not fully qualified, 
// the JRE will assume it's in the same directory as this policy file.

keystore "jspwiki.jks";

// JSPWiki itself needs some basic privileges in order to operate.
// If you are running JSPWiki with a security manager, don't change these,
// because it will totally b0rk the system.

grant signedBy "jspwiki" {
    permission   "getPolicy";
    permission   "setPolicy";
    permission java.util.PropertyPermission       "", "write";
    permission java.util.PropertyPermission       "", "read,write";
    permission "getLoginConfiguration";
    permission "setLoginConfiguration";

// The first policy block is extremely loose, and unsuited for public-facing wikis.
// Anonymous users are allowed to view, create, edit and comment on all pages
// (except group pages). Anonymous users can also register with the wiki; 
// to edit their profile after registration, they must log in.
// Note: For Internet-facing wikis, you are strongly advised to remove the 
// lines containing the "edit" and "createPages" permissions; this will make
// the wiki read-only for anonymous users.

grant signedBy "jspwiki", 
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Anonymous" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "view";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "login";

grant signedBy "jspwiki", 
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "BigDaddy" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "view";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "login";

// This next policy block is also pretty loose. It allows users who claim to
// be someone (via their cookie) to view, create, edit and comment on all pages
// (except group pages). Anonymous users can also register with the wiki;
// to edit their profile after registration, they must log in.

grant signedBy "jspwiki",
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Asserted" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "view";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "login";

// Authenticated users can do most things: view, create, edit and 
// comment on all pages; upload files to existing ones; create and edit
// wiki groups; and rename existing pages. Authenticated users can register
// with the wiki, edit their own profiles, and edit groups they create.

grant signedBy "jspwiki", 
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Authenticated" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.PagePermission "*:*", "view";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "editPreferences";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "editProfile";
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission "*", "login";

// Administrators (principals or roles possessing AllPermission) 
// are allowed to delete any page, and can edit, rename and delete 
// groups. You should match the permission target (here, 'JSPWiki') 
// with the value of the 'jspwiki.applicationName' property in 
// Two administative groups are set up below:
// the wiki group "Admin" (stored by default in wiki page GroupAdmin)
// and the container role "Admin" (managed by the web container).

grant signedBy "jspwiki",
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.GroupPrincipal "Admin" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.AllPermission "JSPWiki";
grant signedBy "jspwiki",
  principal com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Role "Admin" {
    permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.AllPermission "JSPWiki";

Also, this morning I reinstalled JSPWiki from scratch making only the changes necessary to setup security. Same problem. The steps that I took are listed here:

  • Removed all old JSPWikis from Tomcat (cleared out work directory, etc.)
  • Deployed JSPWiki.jar
  • Hit the JSPWiki/Install.jsp
  • Restarted tomcat
  • Verified the Wiki works properly with no security
  • Uncommentted the Container Managed security in web.xml (Tomcat roles/users are already setup for Authentication)
  • Editted the jspwiki.policy file, remove "edit" access from all roles & groups
  • Moved the jspwiki.jaas, jspwiki.policy and jspwiki.jks files to the CATALINA_HOME\conf directory
  • Updated Catalina.bat to set the following JVM parameters:
    • "\conf\jspwiki.jaas"
    • "\conf\jspwiki.policy"
  • Restarted Tomcat
  • Hit any wiki page and try to edit (WORKS)
  • Hit the "admin/SecurityConfig.jsp". The page displays with all roles having full access to all actions(Green).

Update 30-Mar-2007 (3:12pm EST)#

I finally got it to work, however, it only works when Tomcat is running as a Windows Service. I added the JVM options to the Service configuration and it works no problem. When I try to run it from the "catalina.bat" file, it does not work. I added some echo statements to see the actual command that is being executed (below), but I can't see any reason why this would behave differently than when running Tomcat via service.

start "Tomcat" "C:\tomcat\jdk1.5.0_11\bin\java"  -Xms128M -Xmx256M\tomcat\conf\jspwiki.jaas\tomcat\conf\jspwiki.policy 
 -classpath "C:\tomcat\jdk1.5.0_11\lib\tools.jar;C:\tomcat\bin\bootstrap.jar" 
 org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap  start

I also wrote a simple JSP to dump all the System properties to the screen and I verified that the policy file parameter is set properly at runtime. This one is really bizarre. For now, I will run Tomcat as a service, but this issue still bugs me.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

--PaulManning, original post 29-Mar-2007

Andrew, any ideas? I did a quick check and on my setup (TC 5.0) that file does exactly what it is meant to do (aside from the fact that keystore declaration is missing from the top, so you need to add that to get it going.)

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Mar-2007

I am trying to setup JSPWiki for my group. Couple of questions - have been trying it for a week now - kinda frustrated now:-)

1) When I make changes to JSP files, I stop the Tomcat server and reload FF, but the page doesnt update. I am trying to change the template (ViewTemplate.jsp). I have to hit refresh a lot, or go to the policy file and change the template and then revert it back to work it right

2) I see some junk characters such as this >?@ - how do I fix it? CharSet encoding = utf-8

Configuration = Win XP SP2
Apache Tomcat webserver 5.5.23

Any ideas appreciated Thanks Saro

--Saro Gunaseelan, 31-Mar-2007

I'm having problems with the FormTextArea element when used with the NewPageHandler plugin. I have a multi-element form which uses this element in several places. It works fine unless the input text includes a $ symbol, in which case I get a "Plugin failed" error message. If I use the BugReportHandler with a similar form, I don't get the error. (Unfortunately, the output from the bughandler is not acceptable for my purposes.) I realize that the $ symbol is used to signify a variable when editing a wikipage. It appears that for some reason, the FormTextArea implementation in the NewPageHandler is treating anything following the $ as a variable.Is some sort of special coding required to allow its use in a form text box?

A. See response on New Page Handler.

--Lynne Avery, 26-July-2007

Why not in finnish?

--keijjo, 05-Aug-2007

If you're referring to lack of localization, well, if you go to, you will see that it also speaks Finnish to you :-) (Assuming your browser asks for Finnish).

Localization is available in 2.5.x series.

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Aug-2007

StupidQuestion: View,Edit,Find pop-up box#

I suspect that this question is firmly in the realm of basic. I have just installed JSPWiki, It runs on Tomcat 6, Solaris etc Not had much of a problem on install, in fact very impressive, seems to run very well using Firebird however when our section supervisor tried to use it with IE 7 the view,edit,find box comes up on the far left side of the window, (just have to get the cursor to it before it fades out) a little inconvenient. Is there something basic I need to do to overcome this? My apologies if this question is in the wrong place. --Malcolm Lean, 20-Aug-2007
If you are using the latest 2.5.xx version, this is normal. IE compatibility is not yet 100% ready. Of course, patches are appreciated ;-) V2.4.xx should be fine. -- DF

Q:I am using jspwiki...actually everything is working good..along with jspwiki i have other 4 applications also n all are being linked through jspwiki..when i unzip this complete server stack into someother's machine all applications works fine but jspwiki through's follwing exception:

1) java.lang.NullPointerException at at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.WikiJSPFilter.doFilter( is on browser).

2) Could not load filter com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.WikiJSPFilter. Exception message: No wiki engine 3) Exception while calling init method of the servlet with name WikiServlet and with class name class com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiServlet in application jspwiki. Exception message: No wiki engine last two am getting on server console...Please give some clue to solve this directory on same instance on one machine is working pretty fine but other throwing these exceptions... It would be great help for reply soon

hemant joshi...

StupidQuestion: improvements for raw HTML enabling?#

Q:(Reported from AllowingRawHTML)May be it would be useful to enable raw HTML only for some user groups restricted pages. Is there any possibility to link the permission for HTML with the permission to edit page by a group?

--Claudio, 30-Oct-2007

What is ULogin.jspRedirectN? I changed jspwiki.frontPage to Login. When I logged in using admin and its password which I changed the randomnly given password, it goes to ULogin.jspRedirectN page. I tried to rename the page and then logged out but everytime I log in, it always go to ULogin.jspRedirectN page. How can I set it to go to the home page I have created?

--md, 15-Nov-2007

StupidQuestion: Modifying the active page?#

I have a page that contains a form. The form modifies the page. When I submit the form, the handler replaces the current page via the page provider's putPageText() method. I have also tried replacing the page with the WikiEngine.saveText() method. Neither method seems to refresh the screen automatically. What's the best method to replace the active page in order to have it automatically refresh?

Also, during the manual refresh the plugin parameters seem to contain some keys that I explicitly remove from the parameter Map. For example, the form contains a checkbox with name='cb' and value='1'. When I submit the first time the handler will remove the "cb=1" Map.Entry from the parameter list, and the checkbox will show unchecked. When I refresh in order to see the new page (as created by the handler) the handler is again invoked with the "cb=1" Map.Entry. What do I have to do to really remove this parameter?

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Nov-2007

StupidQuestion: I am running Vista with a gig of RAM. Installed and ran Tomcat and JSPWiki and everything worked as promised! then I rebooted and the Localhost server cannot establish a connection. I uninstalled, reinstalled and all was OK (I made backups.) Re-booting however has led to the same problem: Localhost cannot establish a connection. Seems like a Tomcat problem, but not finding info there. I am not much of a techy... Scott

Scott, did you restart the container after boot? I'm not sure whether it does this automatically... (And I couldn't tell you how to do that in Windows :-/)

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Jan-2008

I finally re-installed again. Clicking the Icon in the task allowed me to Configure Tomcat, I selected Automatic start and so far so good.

Just for everyone's info: I had tried the Configure item on the Start Menu and was not allowed. Also the Start Menu had an option to go to the Tomcat Executable which then seemed to start but never did. I suspect the villain is Vista, but don't know for sure.

Thanks for the feedback. Scott

StupidQuestion: Installation Issue#

I come from the Windows world and a lot of this is new to me so I opted for the simple installation. I installed Tomcat 5.5 service and the compatability patches on an XP box and got that working. I copied the JSPWIKI.WAR file to the /webapps folder and that unzipped. I am unable to run the install.jsp. However, I was able to open my wiki but only from the TomCat manager screen. If I type in the, I get "The requested resource (/jspWiki/) is not available." But if I log on to and access it through TomCat manager, it opens fine. Any suggestions? TIA Dave

--dhinkel, 09-Jan-2008

Hi dhinkel,

It's case sensitive, so you might want to try .

--David Au, 10-Jan-2008

Thank you David. That was it. Like I said, I'm new to this. Thanks for the response.

--dhinkel, 10-Jan-2008

StupidQuestion: Using pipe symbols in table cells#

I need to use pipe | symbols inside table cells, but of course this generates a new table cell. Is there a way of escaping the pipe symbol? I tried preformatted text and some other symbols, but none worked. --Norbert Kulawik, 27-Jan-2008

Hi Norbert,

You can escape the pipe symbol by preceding it with a tilde character ~ .

--David Au, 27-Feb-2008

Thank you very much! --Norbert Kulawik, 28-Feb-2008

StupidQuestion: I know this has been one of the questions already but I can't seem to fix this problem...

PWC1635: Illegal access: this web application instance has been stopped already (the eventual following stack trace is caused by an error thrown for debugging purposes as well as to attempt to terminate the thread which caused the illegal access, and has no functional impact)

I used GlassFishV2 as my server.

--dps903, 13-Mar-2008

StupidQuestion: Hey I build the build.xml of jsp but how do I compile/run anything on eclipse? Thank you

Answer: Have a look at DebuggingJSPWikiOnTomcatWithEclipse!

StupidQuestion: ACL for LeftMenu effecting access for main page content

This has been driving me nuts for days. Some of my users we reporting that they could not edit pages that they thought they should be able to edit.

My LeftMenu is [{ALLOW Edit Admin}]

Most of our pages have no ACL in the page text.

After some investigation I can reproduce this behaviour

  1. restart the server (Tomcat 5 - no JVM policy other than the out of the box Tomcat one)
  2. login as a non-Admin user and navigate to a page and edit it. Make edits and save. The page does not have an ACL in the page text
  3. the page Views but the same user that just edited the page does not have Edit permissions any more.

Now Admin edits the LeftMenu to remove [{ALLOW Edit Admin}]:

  1. restart the server
  2. login as a non-Admin user and navigate to a page and edit it. Make edits and save. The page does not have an ACL in the page text
  3. the page Views and this time the same user that just edited the page does have Edit permissions as expected.

Replacing [{ALLOW Edit Admin}] in LeftMenu returns the behaviour described first.

Some notes that may (or may not) be important:

  1. if I put an ACL in the page text then everything is fine
  2. there is never an issue for the Admin user
  3. I am not using container auth
  4. my policy file only allows Modify for authenticated users
  5. it doesn't look like all pages are effected

I have been trying different combinations of policy file and ACLs to try and see a pattern. Any debug tips?

--SPG, 11 June 2008

Please install JSPWiki 2.6.3, that should contain a fix for your problem.

-- JanneJalkanen


I'm guessing this is where I post a question, actually in my case two questions. I have to say that I don't have to much knowledge on web development, (I'm still learning HTML,XHTML,CSS, etc). I managed to get things to a good start, but then I ran into a few problems.

My first question would be how to get the images and iframes to show when using Firefox? Basically everything works fine on IE but when I try to browse using Firefox or anything else, only blank screens are shown.

For my second question, I was wondering if there is way, where only selected content within an iframe can be printed, (granted I can implement a way where contents within the iframe can be printed). The contents within these iframes that were created are data models and when viewed through the wiki it has three different windows that can be scrolled through and viewed. Basically I'm asking if theres a way to for me to print a selected window within the iframe?

Thank you for your time and patience, signed TheNoviceIntern, (17 June 2008)

StupidQuestion: Hey, on my first signup the generated Admin Pass was not working, and now i dont have an Admin Account. I have root access to the directory / DB, is it possible to reset it?. I cant even register me as new User, dont know if it relate to the admin issue. Thank you

A: It shouldn't be related. Just create a new account, then go and add it in the Admin group by modifying the groupdatabase.xml manually. Don't forget to restart!

StupidQuestion: How do I create group departments and pools? AnswerMe#

On the Group Department page it explains what it is and what I can do, but it doesn't specify how. It offers a line that states: "see the external Use Case ‘Log In’" I can't find anything about this nor the RO Master ID.
--WPienaar, 30 July, 2008

StupidQuestion: Creating forms? AnswerMe#

I have been trying to create a form that post on the same page as the form itself. But no matter which way I attempt it, I am given a message saying that the plugin does not exist. Where can I find a plugin to do this, and is there a list of user created forms that I could use to help me out.
--WPienaar, 31 July, 2008

StupidQuestion: Where do I find the txt-files where my weblogin data is stored?#

This question hasn't been fully answered till now (or I just couldn't find it)! I need to find those txt-files. I'm using the initial JSPwiki 2.6.3 without any modifications. Thanks

The weblog entries are in the same directory as all the other pages; they just have the word "blogentry" in their name.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2008

Q: I already had that in mind, but I don't know where I can find those pages?
A: For those who wanna know it ... look in folder tomcat*\temp\ ... there you find the entries! answered by myself


Where can I access the group page after creating a group 'MyGroup'? Somehow the group has been created as I can't create it again ("group already exists"). But there seems to be no group page. Shouldn't it be something like

StupidQuestion: How can I set up Email notification for new profile?#

I have just started using 2.6.3, and like the idea that you can set it up so that the admin has to approve any new profiles. However, this approval just sits in the workflow page until thye Admin takes a look at the page. Is there a way to have the admin notified by e-mail whenever there is a new profile? I do have e-mail set up and get e-mail for password resets and log errors. Any ideas?


Bill Oct 23, 2008

StupidQuestion: How to set a page with a page name different to a filename#

I want to avoid files that contain German Umlauts or whitespace on my file system . However, JSPWiki always creates a file that has the page title as its file name. Is there a chance to change the page title displayed on to of the page without changing the file name or vice versa? What I would like to have is a page with title "Sandkastenliga Trophäenkammer" and filename "skl_trophy".
QUESTION: Can I move an installed JSPWiki to another machine? The machine now hosting our wiki is being decommissioned. I would like to move everything to a new host. I tried copying the jspwiki directory under Tomcat but that did not produce a duplicate.

StupidQuestion: How do I disable commenting?#

I want people to be able to edit the page but I don't want them to make comment. How could I do it?

StupidQuestion: How do put an image in an example block?#

Hi, there! My jspwiki was working well, but i didn't knew the admin pwd, then trying recover this admin pwd I've executed the Install.jsp on enviroment production. After this all images and some references has been disapeared, comments ans so on... How can i fix it? The jspwiki seems not recognize the paths of images, cuz all images aren't being shown. I'd checked the files on "attach" folder and I saw all images they are there, but when i call them by url for example: the jspwiki says "not found".

pls someone help me fix it. best regards!

--Eliel, 05-Jan-2010 17:09

I have downloaded and installed JSPWiki. The home page opens but when i click on save while editting or while saving user preferences i get the error "Page cannot be displayed". Mine is working under windows and tomcat 5.5. jspwiki 2.8.3. kindly help. i have even installed the xerecsImpl.jar also.

--ashima, 24-Feb-2010 11:50


I just installed JSPWiki to tomcat 5.5 and get exception (in logs) related to FilterStart. The logfile excerpt follows (FilterStart):

INFO: ERROR: Failed to create a Wiki engine: JSPWiki: Unable to load and setup properties from Failed to start; please check log files for better information.

Mar 1, 2010 1:12:51 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext filterStart

SEVERE: Exception starting filter WikiJSPFilter

com.ecyrd.jspwiki.InternalWikiException: No wiki engine, check logs.

at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiEngine.getInstance(

at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.WikiServletFilter.init(

at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.WikiJSPFilter.init(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterConfig.getFilter(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterConfig.setFilterDef(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterConfig.<init>(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.filterStart(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.addChildInternal(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.addChild(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHost.addChild(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWARs(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployApps(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.start(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.lifecycleEvent(

at org.apache.catalina.util.LifecycleSupport.fireLifecycleEvent(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHost.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardService.start(

at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardServer.start(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.start(

at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.start(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.main(

Any help on this would be appreciated.

-- Thanks, Allan, 20100301

StupidQuestion: How do i remove the box surrounding the content in the wiki so that my content would appear on the whole page instead of displaying in a sort of iframe area

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated --Thanks , Johnson 20100623

StupidQuestion: Why doesn't nested lists seems to work for me?#

Produces this...
  1. test
  • bag
  • sheet
  1. helloagain
  • help

This is broken...

-- Thanks, Ken George 20110310

How to restore the last installation?# I have the same problem, look there Hi, there! My jspwiki was working well, but i didn't knew the admin pwd, then trying recover this admin pwd I've executed the Install.jsp on enviroment production. After this all images and some references has been disapeared, comments ans so on... How can i fix it? The jspwiki seems not recognize the paths of images, cuz all images aren't being shown. I'd checked the files on "attach" folder and I saw all images they are there, but when i call them by url for example: :8080/mds/attach/PORTAL_MTI/Portal_MTI.JPG the jspwiki says "not found". pls someone help me fix it. best regards!

--andrew, 17-Jul-2011 18:47

StupidQuestion: What is the function/purpose of the "#" at the end of section heading lines?#

It appears to be a link back to the header itself. Can anyone shed any light on its purpose?

--Dwayne Presler, 24-Oct-2011 19:38

StupidQuestion: How to make it start in Eclipse?#

I want to develop on JSPWiki. I have downloaded the code (and it compiles right away, Thank you, because most do not). Now I want to run the code. Run As shows many mains that can be tried. I have tried a few, and they all do something nice and end cleanly. None, however, has just popped up a Wiki Installation. So, my stupid question is, now that it compiles, how do I make it "go"?

--Therese, 14-June-2012 17:10 EasternUS

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