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This form is used to submit a new bug report for JSPWiki. Please fill in with as much information as you can.

If you are reporting bugs against a CVS or an alpha version, PLEASE try the latest nightly build first. Many of the reported bugs have been fixed in later versions. The ChangeLog may be surprisingly helpful...

PLEASE do not submit bugs against the 2.1 Authentication subsystem. It is deprecated, known to be buggy and will be entirely removed in short order in favor of something more useful. For more info, please see AuthorizationAndAuthenticationDevelopment.

JSPWiki bug report#

Title of the bug:
Mandatory. Please try to be brief, use a whole sentence of ten words or less. A prefix 'Bug' will be added when creating the Page name from it.
JSPWiki version:
Servlet container:
Java version:
Browser used:
Operating system:
URL that shows the bug:
or type in a JSPWiki page name
Page Provider:
Criticality: (See Bug Criticality for more information.)
Suggestions for bug categories and names for bug categories are welcome.

Please enter a freeform description here (in WikiMarkup!). If you have authentication problems, please make sure you enclose any ACL stuff within a {{{ }}} -block, otherwise you will probably lock yourself out of modifying the page:

(Please click only once!)

You can track all new bug reports on the page NewBugs, confirmed and open bugs in OpenBugs, and closed bugs in ClosedBugs.

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