If you have a great idea, why don't you use this form and let us know about it?  It creates a new page on this wiki and links it automatically.
They get tracked in [NewIdeas].

[{FormSet form='ideaform' category='GenericIdea' status='NewIdea' title='' page='Idea'  map='title=Title;version=JSPWiki version;url=Reference;category=[Idea Category];x;status=[Idea Status]'}]
[{FormOutput form='ideaform' handler='BugReportHandler' populate='handler'}]

!JSPWiki Idea

[{FormOpen form='ideaform'}]

|Give a simple title:| [{FormInput type='text' name='title' size=80}]\\''Mandatory. Please try to be brief, this becomes a WikiName.''
|JSPWiki version:|[{FormInput type='text' name='version'}]
|Example URL|[{FormInput type='text' name='url' size=60}]\\''or type in a JSPWiki page name, if you have described this elsewhere already.''
|Category|[{FormSelect name='category' value='*GenericIdea;TemplateIdea;JSPWikiVersionThreeIdea;PluginIdea;FilterIdea;MarkupIdea;UserInterfaceIdea;ProviderIdea;JSPWikiSiteIdea;AdministrationIdea'}] \\''Suggestions for new categories are welcome.''

Please enter a freeform description here (you may use WikiMarkup, but no HTML):
[{FormTextarea name='description' rows=25 cols=80}]

[{FormInput type='submit' name='x' value='Submit idea' size=100}]  (Please click only once!)