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This page is devoted to support about this site Please see Jsp Wiki Support for support about the jspwiki engine.

-- JDuprez N.B.: this is only a tentative page, useful contents will have to be added with time...

This site's charter#


AnswerMe expected content: What should go or not into

Tentative content:

  • JSPWiki engine and its applications
  • General Wiki philosophy information/discussion?
  • General Development topics (Patterns, Java/JSP,...)
    • --JDuprez I don't think so. Numerous sites, including Wikis, already exist. Better link to them from some bridge page, or include interwiki links.


AnswerMe expected content: what are good posting practices, beyond Wiki Etiquette, esp. related to topics adressed, external links, identity exposition,...

Users Management#

To be completed

How to create an account#

There isn't a full-fledged notion of user account, but anyone who contributes is encouraged to identify himself, and create a home page, and either register in the Users List or sign in the Guest Book.

Using account#

Indeed there isn't anything preventing you from using anyone else's name (you can't login but you can (LinkMe:assert) youself as someone else. Of course, we and the Wiki Etiquette rely that you won't.

You can sign you contributions with a link to your page (like this: --JeromeDuprez). Even if you don't, as soon as you have logged in or are asserted, the history management will mark your changes under your name, in individual page history or in RecentChanges. That shouldn't refrain you from posting non-anonymously, as soon as you abide by the Wiki Etiquette and the site's charter, all regulars here will be friendly whatever you add.

How to reset/receive one's password#

-- JérômeDuprez Janne I am so ashamed, but I forgot my pa

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