This page is devoted to support about this site Please see [Jsp Wiki Support] for support about the jspwiki engine.

''-- [JDuprez] N.B.: this is only a tentative page, useful contents will have to be added with time...''


!!! This site's charter

!! Topics

[AnswerMe] expected content: What should go or not into

Tentative content:
* JSPWiki engine and its applications
* General Wiki philosophy information/discussion?
* General Development topics (Patterns, Java/JSP,...)
** ''--[JDuprez] I don't think so. Numerous sites, including Wikis, already exist. Better link to them from some bridge page, or include interwiki links.

!! Relationship with official documentation

[AnswerMe] How to comment or question pages ending up in the [official documentation|CategoryOfficialDocumentation] without harming them.

!! Editorial Policy

[AnswerMe] Janne, how do you manage to, e.g., include only relevant documentation in the documentation? Do you scan and review all official pages before releasing them in the bundle?

!! Citizenship

[AnswerMe] expected content: what are good posting practices, beyond [Wiki Etiquette], esp. related to topics adressed, external links, identity exposition,...

Also see [WikiGardener].

!!! Users Management

''To be completed''

! How to create an account

There isn't a full-fledged notion of ''user account'', but anyone who contributes is encouraged to identify himself, and create a [home page|CategoryHomePage], and either register in the [Users List] or sign in the [Guest Book].

! Using your "account"

Indeed there isn't anything preventing you from using anyone else's name (you can't login but you can ([LinkMe]:''assert'') youself as someone else. Of course, we and the [Wiki Etiquette] rely that you won't.

You can sign you contributions with a link to your page (like this: --[JeromeDuprez]). Even if you don't, as soon as you have logged in or are asserted, the history management will mark your changes under your name, in individual page history or in [RecentChanges]. That shouldn't refrain you from posting non-anonymously, as soon as you abide by the [Wiki Etiquette] and the site's charter, all regulars here will be friendly whatever you add.

! How to reset/receive one's password

-- [JérômeDuprez] Janne or whoever, I am so ashamed, but I forgot my password, I had to create an alias to log in again, is there something you can do about it?

!!! Fighting Garbage

Three topics to discuss here:
* How to refactor and reorganize contents
* Policy to ask question without adding noise to the pages
* Fighting spam

!! Fighting Spam

The jspwiki engine (and this site) includes a [Spam Filter], based on keywords, however on the long run spammer always bypass such preventions.

This site also relies on [WikiGardeners] to edit out mischieved entries. But this is manual and tiresome even to the best-intended ones.

Isn't there some techniques to make spamming edits more difficult ? Like, adding a field in the edit form requiring to enter text melted in a blended image, or asking today's date, or whatever. Nothing that actually prevent spamming, but at least renders it harder, without hampering too much well-intended edits.