This plugin inserts Subversion commit log messages into a JSPWiki page. It allows you to choose the range of revision numbers shown. It's able to present the user with controls so that the user can specify which revision numbers he want to see.

!!More Information and Download

Detailed __installation and usage instructions__ can be found on [DataCore's|http://datacore.ch] Open Source Webserver [http://open.datacore.ch/] in the [JSPWiki SvnLogPlugin|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=SvnLogPlugin] section. If you're interested in more, you can find other JSPWiki plugins on the [JSPWiki page|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=JSPWiki].

''Seems to be broken in the 2.2 code - all I get is stacktraces and broken JSPWiki.  Someone else might like to confirm this or prove me wrong (more accurately: incompetent to install plugins?)''  --MikeMorris