This is a general TODO-list for JSPWiki. It contains mostly things that have been lifted from Ideas, BugReports and other pages, and is mostly an incoherent attempt to make notes on things. sss If you'd like to help with some of this stuff, check out HelpWanted.

Stuff that is being currently done#

  1. Fix more bugs.

(Note by GregorHagedorn I wiped the remainder of the page - please see revision history - because it was out of sync with current development. This page is on the left side menu directly pointing newbies to it.)

Gregor, that seems like a pretty harsh edit. While some of that content was out of sync it was also a record of a lot of TODOs on the part of quite a number of people, with some of it still pertinent to the current CVS. I don't feel in the position to reinstate the previous content but we seem to have lost a fair bit of both past and future plans. Perhaps it could have been refactored rather than completely eliminated?

-- MurrayAltheim

I never read this page anyway, so maybe it's simply just better to remove it altogether. Or just dig up particulars and submit them as bugs or new ideas, then let this page to go.

Gregor, could you look at the history and see what is worth saving?

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Feb-2007

Since you are using Lucene as search engine. I have a question regarding your searching code. Lucene suggest that in a real deployment of Lucene, it's best to instantiate IndexSearcher and QueryParser once, and then share them across search requests, instead of re-instantiating per search request. Seems to me in your results.jsp you didn't follow this advise. Am I right?

--Andrew Chen, 20-Apr-2007

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