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Generates a table of contents based on all the headings on the page.

The resulting list is wrapped inside a DIV tag, which can be used to create the style and look of the TOC.


string : The title for the table of contents. By default, uses no heading.
yes | no : Optional parameter to add numbers to the TOC items


__Table of Contents:__\\

About the generated HTML#

The list that is created is essentially an HTML ul -list. The generated HTML might look like this:

<div class="toc">
    <li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-QuickReference">Quick reference</a></li>
    <li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-WritingText">Writing text</a></li>
    <li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-Hyperlinks">Hyperlinks</a></li>
    <li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-Footnotes">Footnotes</a></li>

The look-and-feel of what it actually looks like on the browser is achieved through the magic of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Take a look at the default template jspwiki.css file for further information.

The title is rendered as a HTML H2 element.

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I'm a bit confused - is this different from the TableOfContentsPlugin?

--TS, 16-Oct-2006

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