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Table plugin#

This Table plugin implements additional table support for JSPWiki pages.

  • Multi-line table editing to ease the entry of more complex tables.
  • Additional syntax to merge cells horizontally and/or vertically. (aka colspan and rowspan)
  • The auto-numbering feature to automatically insert the row-number
  • CSS style formatting for odd/even rows, headers, etc.

Support for the standard JSPWiki table syntax.#

  • A new line of text starting with a pipe sign ('|') indicates the start of a new table row.
  • Each line corresponds with a horizontal row in a table having one or more table cells.
    • A single pipe signs ('|') starts a new table cell.
    • A double pipe signs ('||') starts a heading table cell with different formatting.
  • End the table with a line which does not start with a pipe sign.

Additional table syntax#

  • Use '|<' or '||<' to collapse a cell with the previous cell so it spans multiple columns.
  • Use '|^' or '||^' to collapse a cell with the cell above so that it spans multiple rows.
  • The '#' sign inside a table cell translates to the current row number.
    You can escape the '#' character with a tilde, like this: #.


|Nr |A |< |C |<
|#  |a |b |c |d
|#  |^ |b |^ |d

Multi-line table editing#

This feature was implemented to overcome the limitation of having to edit a complete table row on a single line of text.
  • When a line starts with '|' or '||', multi-line table editing is assumed.
    • As soon as a new table cell is encountered on the same line, single-line editing is taken, switching back to the standard wiki syntax.
    • However, if the line contains only one cell, it is assumed that the table cell is continued on the next line.
      • When the next line starts with '|' or '||', a new cell on the same row is started.
        Otherwise the line is added to the previous table cell
      • All subsequent lines starting with '| or '||' are merged into the same table row.
      • An empty line ends the table row.

This way, it should be more easy to have lots of text, and even wiki markup, merged into one table-cell. Table cells are listed underneath each other, similar to a bulleted list.

You can combine this multi line syntax with the '|<', '|^' and '#' stuff as well as mix it with the more compact standard wiki table syntax.


|| Heading 1 
|| Heading 2

| ''Gobble'' starts a new row!
* and some more text with wiki markup, all in the same table cell
| Bar

| [Main]     
| [SandBox]

Additional table formatting can be turned on via plugin parameters:#

  • style : adds table level css-style, e.g. style:'border=2px solid black;'
  • autonum : on|off
  • dataStyle : adds css-style to all table data cells (prefixed by single pipe signs '|')
  • headerStyle : adds css-style to all table header cells (prefixed by double pipe signs '||')
  • styleEvenRows : adds css-style to the even rows, e.g. styleEvenRows='background: #ffff00;'
  • styleOddRows : add css-style to the odd rows, e.g. styleOddRows='color: red;'


[{brushed.jspwiki.tableplugin.Table  autonum='off' dataStyle='color:blue;'

More ideas #

  • sort : tbd, make table sortable through some clientside javascript
  • filter style of table plugin, delimitted by 4 pipes
       |||| styleEvenRows='color:red;'
       | a |b
       | c |d
  • ...

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