This page does no longer refer to a living project. Contact me directly for questions: [morten|mailto:morten@blobcom.com]

This view makes it a bit simpler to change the view of a JSPWiki system. The template is build with a table, and it is very easy to change the settings of the view. An example of the view can be seen on: [My own place|]  ** ''BrokenLink'' **

!How to obtain it
The view consists of a few files, that must be saved in the /templates/default/ directory. The edited files are:
*~LeftAndTop.jsp -- This file must be edited to create a new view.
The files may have been updated after the first version, and these new updates can be obtained from:\\
[download running view|] BrokenLink!
I'm not sure whether its possible to download the view, but if it's not it can be obtained by sending me an email on: mortena@nospam.mip.sdu.dk (remove the "nospam").


This template was to show how easy it is to make a new view and as an attempt to make it the default template. Some of the include statements have been moved around, so that the design is as separated as possible. To change the way it looks edit the {{~LeftAndTop.jsp}} and the {{~ButtomTemplate.jsp}} files. The view was made by [Morten Andersen|Mortena] on the 26/10-2002.