I use tags to mark a project version in project root to all files. Like this "V1_01". Before I send to customer I release the project with -d, then export it back with that tag. That way I can easily zip all files w/o CVS directories and am sure that I can restore that version (~configuration) later.
This was a beginners tip, I hope somebody could correct if I am doing something stupid here --Pekka.

Yeah, that's what I do as well (except that I always check out in a new directory).

There are a few ground rules which you must remember when you tag things:

  • Always tag the entire project directory. You don't want to be caught in a situation where some of your files are tagged and some are not.
  • Choose one tagging scheme and stick to it. I typically use Rx_y_DDMMYYYY where x and y are version numbers and DDMMYYYY is the release date.
  • If you are in a situation where the program release numbers are different from program version numbers, make sure everyone knows which version is tagged which (so that you don't have to check out each version of your code to find "v2.0 gold").


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