Here is a small patch that allows to open links in different browser windows (within your frameset or as popup). I could not figure out if there is another less intrusive way to do this (beside playing with the JSP Templates itself). But its a simple change, that allows you to write

with otherframe beeing a regular interwiki reference. The patch allows add an additional text (the target!) after the interwiki reference, e.g.:
jspwiki.interWikiRef.Popup = Wiki.jsp?skin=popup&page=%s NewWindow
now, using JSPWiki as CMS in my Web-Projects is even easier... Al
Change the lines within this case-Statement in (about line 415 in JSPWiki 2.0.52)
  // <Al> If the interwiki ref is followed by a string, assume it to be a target
  int inx = link.indexOf(' ');
  if (inx > -1) {
     String target = link.substring(inx +1);
     link = link.substring(0, inx);
     result = "<A CLASS=\"external\" HREF=\""+link+"\" target=\"" + target + "\">"+text+"</A>";
  } else {
     result = "<A CLASS=\"interwiki\" HREF=\""+link+"\">"+text+"</A>";
  // </Al>

Actually, I may make sense also to the other link types, like external ones or attachments....

Janne, to include it ?


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