Pages requested to be deleted or renamed.#

A list of pages requested to be deleted.
A list of pages requested to be renamed.
This page is not present by default, but following the pattern above a similar page may be created to mark broken external links.
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Other useful tools:#

A list of all pages that are used in links but not created. Some of these pages should perhaps be created, but more often the linking is faulty. The only way currently to search for pages erroneously linking is to use the Search function.
A list of all pages that are not referred to by any other page (orphaned).
An alphabetically sorted list of all pages in this Wiki.
A list of recently changed pages in this Wiki; compare also RecentChangesComplete.

List of currently edited pages#

PageLocked byAcquiredExpires
No locks exist currently.

Background information: Special Wiki pages#

A number of pages have a special function with respect to the operation of the Wiki. The following information is provided for Wiki editors who desire to modify the behavior of their Wiki web. (Some of these notes apply only to the ConfigurableTemplate!)

  • Content specific pages: Main is the front or starting page displayed if not specific page is requested. About and Contact contain pages informing about the content, scope, goals, etc of the current Wiki web and about responsibility for it. The About page is usually linked from the name or icon of the Wiki web (if the template is shows any of these).
  • Navigation pages: a) If you use a template configuration with a top menu, WikiHeaderTools may be modified to add additional topic links. Avoid adding too many links there: many people may have a smaller display size or use a larger font size setting in their browser than you. b) If you use a template configuration with a side menu (left or right side), WikiSideMenu and WikiSideMenuFooter may be modified. The advantage of these menus is that they easily support a larger number of entries. However, the width of the menu links should be limited.
  • Legalities: Intellectual property rights, licensing, policies and disclaimers may be found in CopyrightNotice, WikiPrivacyPolicy, WikiDisclaimers, and WikiRetrievalNotice. CopyrightNotice is displayed immediately below each page view. It is usually a short copyright and license notice, linking to a second page CopyrightDetails. WikiPrivacyPolicy and WikiDisclaimers are usually linked at the bottom of the page (WikiDisclaimers may be included in Contact and therefore not shown as a separate link at the bottom). The text in WikiRetrievalNotice is added automatically at the bottom of each page. It is invisible in most browsers, but appears in print or after the page is copied to, e. g., a word processor.
  • Editor: Two notes appear immediately below the editing area: WikiEditorFormattingNotes, WikiEditorSubmissionContract. Several help pages are provided through links at the very bottom (WikiHelp, WikiFormattingQuickReference, WikiAdvancedFormatting, WikiCharacterMap). Note that WikiHelp informs on the Wiki web application; content authors may create other [Help] pages informing about usage of the content.
  • Other pages: WikiSystemInfo linked behind the JSPWiki version number shown at the bottom of pages, WikiBroadcastMessage allowing Wiki administrators to define a message text that is automatically shown at the start of each page, WikiRejectedMessage that is shown if a spam filter rejects the attempt to create or update a page,

Some pages supplied in the default Wiki setup are not directly tied to the template. These are: PageIndex, PleaseDeleteMe, PleaseRenameMe, RecentChanges, RecentChangesComplete, UndefinedPages, UnusedPages, WikiAdministration, and WikiSandBox.

FindPage is usually redirected to a JSPWiki system-supplied JSP page and is not accessible by content authors.

Note: The default pages use two non-standard JSPWiki property variables:
jspwiki.usermanagement_contact = No such variable: No variable usermanagement_contact defined. and
jspwiki.defaultresponsibility_contact = No such variable: No variable defaultresponsibility_contact defined.

See also WikiSystemInfo

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