Formatting hints (see help pages for explanations):
Text formatting: __bold__, ''italics'', {{monospaced font}}, CSS like %%(color:blue)text%%. -- Headings: !!!Large, !!Medium, !Small heading. -- Lists: */**/*** = bulleted, #/##/### = numbered, mixing possible. -- ;Term: Definition text. --

Blank line (= 2 returns) creates paragraph, \\ forced line break. Single return influences only tables or lists. -- 4 or more hyphen create a ruler line (----). -- A tilde (~) escapes formatting markup, e.g. "~[" will display as a normal "[".

Links: [Topic Name], [TopicName], [topic name], or [displayed text|TopicName] all link to Wiki page "TopicName". [] is an external http link, [Wikipedia:JSPWiki] an external interwiki link. Note: sequence of display text/link is opposite of that in html or Wikipedia! -- Attachments: Link attachments from own page as [filename], from OtherPage as [OtherPage/filename]. -- Images: a) simply create a link if file extension is recognized; [attachment.jpg] displays image instead of creating a hyperlink; b) for more control use the image plugin (see under Advanced Formatting help).

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