A short reminder on formatting elements at your disposal:

Linking (Creating of page and web hyperlinks, interwiki links, footnote references)
[link] Create a hyperlink, where "link" can be either thee name of an internal Wiki page or an external link ('http://..').
[the page] Create a hyperlink to internal page called 'ThePage' (but show the link as typed with spaces).
[text|Page] Create a hyperlink to 'Page', but display 'text' to the user. Use Wiki:link to point to a named Wiki ("Interwiki linking")
CamelLink If automatic CamelCase linking is enabled (which is currently true), CamelCase words create links even without surrounding brackets.
Paragraph -
!Heading Start lines with exclamation marks (!, !!, or !!!) to create headings (!h4, !!h3, !!!h2)
* Text Create a bulleted list item (* must be in first column). Use more (**, ***) for deeper indentations.
# Text Create a numbered list item (# must be in first column). Use more (##, ###) for deeper indentations.
;term:expl Defines 'term' with explanation 'expl'. Use without term (;:Comment) to create short comments.
[1] Footnotes: [#1] marks the footnote number 1[1] creates a reference to footnote numbered 1.
Inline -
__text__ Display text bold.
''text'' Display text in italics ('' are two single quotes/apostrophes)
%%(color:red)text%%Format 'text' using CSS formatting commands. Complicated, but powerful if you really need it ...
%%sup text%% Display superscripttext
%%sub text%% Display subscripttext.
Code (code fragments or preformatted text)
{{text}} Display text in monospaced font (= html:tt inline format). Other formatting rules may be used inside (bold, italic).
{{{text }}}Use triple braces to use monospaced font and prevent any formatting rules to be applied. If starting on new line, a pre tag (= new paragraph) is used, else the formatting occurs inline. In a pre tag single line breaks are displayed and the text will not wrap in peoples browsers; be sure to insert hard line breaks!
Special -
---- Horizontal line. At least four hyphen, more are ok.
\\ Forced new line break
|text|more textMakes a table: single bars to start a normal cell, double bars to start table heading cells. No bars are needed at the end of the line. For empty cells use blanks between bars (i. e. | |, not ||).
Escaping (handling of situation where the result of formatting command is undesirable.
~[text] Create plain text '[text]', i.e. not a hyperlink (alternative: use two opening brackets).
~NoLink If automatic CamelCase linking is enabled (which is currently true), link creation for a CamelCase word is prevented.
~__term Display '__term', avoid interpretation of underscores as beginning of bold face format.
~\\ Display '\\', avoid interpretation as forced new line.

Images may be embedded simply by creating a link to a URL or attachment. Links conforming with the approved formats (see WikiSystemInfo) will be displayed as inlined images. The link text ([tooltip/alt-text|http://example.com/example.png] will be displayed as alt-text for those who cannot view images. For more control (size, adding hyperlinks or captions) you may use the Image plugin, see Wiki Advanced Formatting.

If html formatting is enabled (which is currently false) you can also directly use html constructs like ~<sup>.

Continue with WikiHelp, WikiAdvancedFormatting, or go to TextFormattingRules (from the JSPWiki documentation).

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