Quick start#

Login and Security#

  • This Wiki is based on a closed user community and you will be asked to login when trying to edit a page. Please accept this security measure to help us avoiding spam and abuse
  • If you wish to contribute or help, please send email to No such variable: No variable jspwiki.security.usermanagement_contact defined. to request a login account. Your help will be much appreciated!
  • Logins are granted on a trust basis. They may enable you to edit pages in projects you are not associated with. Such edits may well be legitimate, but please edit carefully. If you observe abuse, please report it to No such variable: No variable jspwiki.security.usermanagement_contact defined..

Editing help#

  • To edit a page, click on the editing link displayed on each page (typically at the bottom; depending on the template used). The page will now show the text in Wiki source view, i.e. without the formatting you seen in view mode.
  • In many cases editing a Wiki page is not more complicated than writing an unformatted email. A Wiki is meant to achieve much with simple means.
  • At the bottom of the editor, some formatting tips can be found. Furthermore, one or more links to more comprehensive formatting pages are displayed as well. The most relevant help pages are:

To figure out how the editor works you may use the JSPWiki SandBox. This avoids creating undesired pages in other Wiki webs. Remember to read WikiEtiquette when you start working outside the sand box.

General hints#

  • Adding new pages: Start by creating a link to the non-existing page. This reduces the danger of orphaned pages that are not referenced elsewhere. Thus edit an appropriate existing page, create a link pointing to the new (non-existing) page like [NewTopic]. Save the page, and click on the link (which is formatted differently, typically red). The Wiki editor will open with the new page.
  • Conflicts: If someone edits the same page as you at the same time, the second user is informed. However, if she or he continues to edit, the first one to save wins. The second will be prevented from saving and shown a conflict page instead. If you see a conflict page, please respect the other persons work and carefully merge the two edits.
    • A word of warning: If you use the Back button of your browser to go into the Edit page after you saved your changes, you will almost certainly get a conflict. JSPWiki will think your are still editing an earlier version of the page.
  • Deleting and renaming pages: Only administrators may delete and rename pages and attachments. Other users can request clean-up work by placing [PleaseDeleteMe] or [PleaseRenameMe] links on a page. This does not work for attachments, however.

Advanced information#

Add new attachment

Only authorized users are allowed to upload new attachments.
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