We now have JSPWiki templates - but how, exactly, should we design them to make adjusting appearance simple and logical? Personal experiences, recommendations, hints, and observations about the template system, JSP pages, and CSS go here.

Making Life easier - Use String-Variables within each JSP-File for Language-Translation!#

I think, the use of string-variables on top of each jsp-file / template-file would make translations of templates into other languages much more easier.

Example (for default leftmenu.jsp, tranlated into german-language)
See also LeftMenuSettingLanguageSample or download LeftMenu_LanguageSetting.zip(info)

  // Setting Language
  // ===============
  // "No LeftMenu!"
  String langNoLeftMenu = new String("Es wurde noch kein Menü erstellt");
  // "Please make one."
  String langPleaseMakeOne = new String("Bitte erstellen Sie ein Menü: ");
  // "G'day."
  String langGDay = new String("Herzlich wilkommen");
  // "Set your name in"
  String langSetYourNameIn = new String("Wählen Sie einen Benutzernamen");
  // "UserPreferences"
  String langUserPreferences = new String("Benutzereinstellungen");

eg: the former string "No LeftMenu!" has to be replaced by "<%= langNoLeftMenu %>".
The result will be "Es wurde noch kein Menü erstellt".

2003 Jan 2 - organizing CLASS tags, etc.#

I actually payed attention to JSPWiki appearance the first time when setting up a wiki for private use last week. (Is this a problem? JSPWiki's being developed in a very function-before-form manner, which is good for features, but not necessarily for making JSPWiki palatable to the non-tech user. Not that I would know - I usually just need to get information out, quick'n'ugly.=) (see also JSPWikiForDummies and MereMortal)

While twiddling with the JSP template files, I managed to write myself into a mess of nested tags and CLASS names, which required complicating my CSS file, which ended up producing peculiarities in certain fields, which... This is mostly due to my inexperience with CSS, but it got me thinking of how nice it would be to have

  • a clear breakdown of what kinds of classes JSPWiki's default layout uses
  • how they map onto a page
  • what kinds of tags are produced by WikiEngine
  • and maybe even recommendations on how to keep your own custom templates up to par

Am I wrong in assuming that this kind of info, along with the JSPWiki Documentation project, is something a casual installer would appreciate? Would a more CSS-oriented person would like to give some guidelines?


(Oct. 2005: Some discussion on MRG Template under JSPWiki 2.0 and 2.1 wiped. -- G. Hagedorn.)


2006 Jan 10 - Style setting per jspwiki instance or per page#

Shouldn't the setting really be per page. I see that this would need some serious changes, but anyway just as an idea.

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