(This is refactored from JSPWikiFaceLift, I (G. Hagedorn) did not write this.)

A minor thing that always bothers me: in my personal use, I tend to get long pages, and as inspiration for additions hits, I have to hunt the edit this page link from somewhere way up in the menu.

If you're OK with CSS, it saves the day again. Add this to your webapp's .../templates/default/jspwiki.css (make sure that's the one you're using - depends on your template, and on your JSPWiki version!):

div.leftmenu {
  margin: 0;
  position: fixed;
  top: 6em;
  left: 4px;

Then, in the same directory, edit ViewTemplate.jsp. Find the spot where LeftMenu.jsp and LeftMenuFooter.jsp are included, and surround the appropriate section with <div class="leftmenu">...</div>. In the default template, this would be the contents of the surrounding TD.leftmenu.

Voila. Hovering menu. A word of warning - make sure your left menu isn't very long. The dynamically sized referred by list could cause problems. Adjust your margins and positions to suit your site; these happen to work for me. Also, <hr> tags within this div seem to cause havoc in the default template - if someone sees what's wrong with that, let us know.

(Feel free to streamline this, if you find a cleaner solution.) --ebu

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